Without these outdoor amenities at your apartment, you’re missing out


The Watts resident by river
Outdoor apartment amenities aren’t a luxury; they’re a necessity. (Village Fox Media / Hville Blast)

If  COVID-19 and quarantine taught us anything, it’s that outdoor amenities are a must. This is especially true when it comes to apartment living, which can sometimes cause you to feel trapped due to limited space.

If you’re looking for apartments that prioritize outdoor living, check out these don’t-miss features at The Watts in Hampton Cove.

1. Spacious dog park

Dog at dog park
The Watts features a double dog park—one side for small pups and another for large breeds. (Village Fox Media / Hville Blast)

If you’re someone who loves the outdoors, chances are you love pets too. That’s why having adequate space to unleash Fido is paramount.

The Watts at Hampton Cove features a spacious dog park with separate spaces for smaller and larger breeds. It’s the perfect place to play fetch and unwind with your pup after a long day.

Would you like to have one of Huntsville’s top nature preserves in your backyard? Check out The Watts in Hampton Cove today!

2. Access to 10 miles of walking trails

The Watts resident with dog
If you get exhausted after walking these trails, fear not—every building at The Watts features an elevator. (Village Fox Media / Hville Blast)

Additionally, if you’re a dog person, you have to find the best places to walk your furry friend. Or, even if you don’t have pets, nothing compares to having miles of scenic trails right in your backyard.

The Watts in Hampton Cove features an onsite bridge connecting the property to Hayes Nature Preserve—an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise featuring 10 miles of walking trails.

3. River access with kayak launch

River behind the Watts—one of the amazing outdoor amenities at your apartment
It’s hard to think of many other luxury apartment complexes that offer access to stunning rivers like this one. (Village Fox Media / Hville Blast)

Hiking and biking may be nice, but what are outdoor amenities without a splash of water?

The Watts at Hampton Cove boasts direct access to Flint River—a scenic waterway offering amazing kayaking and fishing opportunities. It’s hard to beat stepping out of your luxury apartment to hop in a kayak just steps from your front door.

BONUS: The complex will soon feature a kayak launch just for residents.

4. Breathtaking pool and stylish furniture

The Watts pool
If you’re looking for outdoor apartment amenities, you can’t leave a luxurious pool off the list. (Village Fox Media / Hville Blast)

If all the kayaking and biking has made you tired, you can grab your favorite book and relax The Watts’ stunning pool.

This spacious pool features comfortable seating, shaded areas, an outdoor grilling station and wheelchair access. It’s definitely the cherry on top to The Watts’ amazing outdoor amenities.

Looking for a modern apartment that prioritizes outdoor features? Book your tour for The Watts at Hampton Cove today!

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