Zoo plans in North Alabma hit a bump in the road – Here’s where they stand

The proposed zoo may not come as quickly as officials thought after a land deal for the project hit a snag. (NALZS)

When news of a proposed zoo and aquarium in the Huntsville area started circulating last year, naturally excitement surrounded the project, but recent news of a possible setback came as a discouraging sign in the development of the project.

According to a report by WAAY, the land that the North Alabama Zoological Society has been eyeing for the project may have some availability issues.

Problems with the Limestone County site

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The original plans for the North Alabama zoo depend on whether Lansing Co. can get another contract on the Limestone County property. (NALZS)

The developer of the project, Lansing Co., had a contract on more than 600 acres in Limestone County off I-65, but the contract expired, according to reports. The property is located just north of Martin Line Road and adjacent to I-65, south of Tanner.

Lansing reportedly couldn’t complete the contract to purchase the property, and it is now off the market. However, this does not mean the end of the project. A spokesman with NALZS said other developers could come in and work with NALZS with developng the project.

“We have relationships with other prospective developers that have shown interest in that specific property. We are optimistic about where we fit in. If a potential developer does not align with NALZ mission, we have several backup options on the table.”

NALZS spokesperson Ethan Fitzgerald

Where to go from here

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The land in Limestone County may still be available if officials can work out a deal. (NALZS via Facebook)

In the initial plan for the project, an extension of the zoo would be located at a second property north of Madison along Limestone Creek. The 200-acre property will focus on sustainable farming research for humans and animals. This property is still under contract.

The owners of the property want tsell it in its entiretym which bodes well for the NALZS plan.

“The owners of the properties may change, but we have active relations with the parties who want to purchase the land,” Fitzgerald said. “We feel optimistic about where NALZS fits into the development plans of the interested parties.”

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