2 Huntsville businesses receive NASA awards—Everything you need to know

Congratulations to these Huntsville businesses! (Nathan Watson / Hville Blast)

Two Huntsville businesses were among the list of 110 small businesses who received Phase II awards from the NASA Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program.

CFD Research Corporation received support for two projects and Plasma Processes, LLC, received support for one. Get the full list of recipients online.

Here’s what these awards mean:

What is SBIR?

Research park
Huntsville is brimming with tech talent. (Cummings Research Park / Facebook)

The SBIR program has three phases:

  • Phase I: 6-month contract with maximum funding of $150,000. Gives small businesses the opportunity to “establish the scientific, technical, commercial merit and feasibility of the proposed innovation.”
  • Phase II: 24-month contract with maximum funding of $1 million. Focused on the innovation’s development, delivery and demonstration. Company must be selected for Phase I to be eligible for Phase II.
  • Phase III: Funded outside of the SBIR program. “Infusion and/or commercialization” of products or services that result from a Phase I/Phase II contract. Company must be selected for Phase II to be eligible for Phase III.

Many different types of projects are funded. For an idea of what NASA is looking for, you can review the topics listed in research solicitations.

Think your business qualifies? Here’s how to get started.

CFD Research Corporation

CFD Research Corporation is an engineering contractor that works in the following sectors:

  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Energy
  • Life sciences
  • Materials

Two CFD projects were selected for Phase II awards:

  • “An Intelligent Framework based on Parametric Reduced-Order Model Database for Uncertainty Quantification in Aeroelasticity:” Has potential applications in aerospace, aircraft and watercraft engineering, as well as NASA/space applications.
  • “High-Voltage Gallium Oxide Devices for Space Power Electronics:” Improvements for high-voltage power electronics, with potential impacts in DOD space systems, satellites + nuclear power systems as well as NASA applications.

Plasma Processes, LLC

These companies will pave the way back to the moon + beyond. (NASA)

Originally founded in 1993 to create rocket engine components, Plasma Processes now creates coatings and metal, ceramic and polymer materials for multiple applications, including space, defense and medicine.

One Plasma Processes project received a Phase II award:

  • “Infiltrated Hafnium Carbonitride Protective Layers for Carbon Composite Hot Structures:” Thermal protection tech that is more efficient and potentially reusable, with applications in weapons, space travel and more.

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