3 Huntsville restaurants to celebrate National Mac + Cheese Day in the best way

MELT’s mac and cheese rolls with a side of classic mac and cheese. (Collin Stewart / Hville Blast)

Ready to celebrate National Mac and Cheese Day on July 14? Here is our list of three restaurants with some great mac and cheese in the Huntsville area that will leave your mouth watering.

Rolo’s Cafe

Rolo’s mac and cheese is as classic as you can get. (Collin Stewart / Hville Blast)

Rolo’s Cafe has plenty of classic dishes to make you feel at home. Their mac and cheese will leave you with the same warm and fuzzy feeling as your mom’s recipe while giving you that cheesy sensation everyone loves.

Walton’s Southern Table

Walton’s side of mac and cheese paired with the kid’s mac and cheese sprinkled with bacon. (Collin Stewart / Hville Blast)

Walton’s Southern Table adds a twist to their mac and cheese. While the adult side of the cheesy dish is more classic, the kid’s mac and cheese has bacon bits sprinkled all over, giving a crunchy texture with every bite.


The Mac Melt with a side of fries at MELT. (Collin Stewart / Hville Blast)

MELT has an extra special menu item dedicated to lovers of mac and cheese: the Melt Mac. This dish, while similar to a grilled cheese, differentiates itself with melted mac and cheese placed between two slices of texas toast. For mac and cheese lovers, this is a must-eat.

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Collin Stewart
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