Here are 4 new businesses opening in the Huntsville area

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The Veggie is one of the new businesses opening in the Huntsville area. (Audrey Johnson/Hville Blast)

This past week, the Huntsville area saw four new businesses open or announce an opening, and unfortunately learned of the closing of one of its local eateries.

With the Rocket City adding more residents each month, the business community is growing with the population, as we have seen more new stores, restaurants and offices open weekly. Here are some of the new businesses opening in the Huntsville area:

1. Sweat 440

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Sweat 440 is the latest fitness facility opening in Huntsville. ( Sweat 440 via Facebook)

One of the new businesses opening in the Huntsville area for those of us looking to get in better shape is Sweat 440, a chain of fitness facilities coming to the Rocket City.

Sweat 440 features a dynamic 40-minute workout designed for beginners and experienced fitness enthusiasts alike. We will have more info on an exact opening date soon.

2. The Veggie

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We are so excited about The Veggie, which officially opens soon in Madison. (Audrey Johnson/Hville Blast)

The Veggie, a beloved vegan restaurant in the Huntsville area, celebrated their soft opening in Madison last week. 

The Veggie opened its first location in Lowe Mill in 2021 after the business spent three years as a meal prep delivery service and pop-up shop.

Chef Adyre Mason, who was featured on the first vegan episode of The Food Network’s “Beat Bobby Flay,” hopes to connect people with delicious and nutritious food.

3. Scooter’s Coffee

A barista serves a drink at a Scooter's Coffee in Las Vegas, NV.
A second Scooter’s Coffee location is opening soon in Huntsville. (Scooter’s Coffee / Facebook)

It seems like just recently we featured Scooter’s in our new businesses opening in the Huntsville area — and we did — when the chain opened a location on Governors Drive earlier this year.

Scooter’s Coffee was founded in 1998 in Bellevue, Nebraska. The popular franchise is known across the country for its delicious coffee, blenders, smoothies and food.

4. Trashy Dawg

Trashy Dawg exterior.
Trashy Dawg is one of the much-anticipated new businesses opening in the Huntsville area. (Sarah Gronberg / Hville Blast)

Trashy Dawg, created by the same Epic Brands that brought Huntsville Agave & Rye, is officially opening in a few weeks. Their menu features everything from unique sliders and chicken tenders to tasty wings and shakes. 

Toybox Bistro closing

toybox 3
Toybox Bistro is closing its doors for good August 5. (Toybox Bistro/Facebook)

Unfortunately, along with new businesses opening in the Huntsville area, we have to announce the closing of one of our local restaurants.

In their Facebook announcement, Toybox Bistro said they are closing after more than 7 years in business.

There’s still time to grab your Toybox Bistro favorites, though. Saturday, August 5, will be their last day in business, which means you still have a little over a week to visit.

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