5 affordable restaurants in Huntsville: $10 and under

Chef at Bandito burrito in kitchen posing with hands on hips
Affordable restaurants where you can eat in Huntsville. (McCarley Northway/ Hville Blast)

Finding affordable restaurants where you can eat is always a win for locals and people who are just passing through. Discover the best restaurants in Huntsville for a $10 and under meals so you and your family can dine on a budget.

1. Big Ed’s Pizza

Big Ed’s Pizza restaurant. Pizzeria to get cheap meals.
Big Ed’s Pizza is an awesome place to find affordable food. (McCarley Northway/ Hville Blast)

Big Ed’s pizza has a ton of items on their menu that are $10 and under. This Huntsville staple started slinging their homemade dough and sauce in 1961 and has become a town favorite.

They offer salads that are all $9.50 and under, small wings platter with fries for $10, subs that are all priced at $8.50 and under, calzones starting at $9, beignets for $5 and you can even build your own 10” pizza for $7.50!

2. Dallas Mill Deli

The inside of Dallas Mill Deli.
The Dallas Mill Deli is a quaint sandwich shop with great prices. (McCarley Northway/ Hville Blast)

Dallas Mill, Alabama’s largest cotton mill, was the center on Huntsville’s community in 1892. The Dallas Mill Deli opened in 2006 in remembrance of the mill — striving to bring the same sense of community that the Dallas Mill once did.

This local deli shop is definitely a great place to visit if you’re in search of an affordable meal. If you can believe it, their entire lunch menu is under $10 and a lot of their items are $8 and under.

They have box lunches that are available for pickup or delivery that are a little bit more expensive, averaging around $9.99.

3. Kim’s Diner

Very cheap restaurant in Huntsville named Kim’s. Breakfast and lunch spot.
Kim’s Diner is a great spot for breakfast and lunch with some of the best prices in town. (McCarley Northway/ Hville Blast)

Kim’s Diner’s main goal is to serve fresh food for an affordable price. You will find unbeatable prices for breakfast and lunch at Kim’s Diner. The most expensive item on their menu is only $8.99, with most items being in the $5-$7 range.

I don’t know about you, but this could possibly be the most affordable restaurant in Huntsville with those prices!

4. Bandito Burrito Co.

The outside of Bandito Burrito Co.
Bandito Burrito Co is a gem to local Huntsvillians. (McCarley Northway/ Hville Blast)

Bandito Burrito Co. has been in the Huntsville area since the 1990s and serves affordable Mexican food. Even though their dinner plates are around $13 each, you can find very cheap burritos here.

Choose from eight different kinds of burritos, all $10 and under while most burritos are sitting at the $4-$8 range. You can also find taco salad, nachos, tostadas, soft tacos and more for under $10.

5. Tenders!

The outside of the restaurant Tenders.
Tenders is a local spot that you must visit if you live in Huntsville. (McCarley Northway/ Hville Blast)

Tenders has expanded to four Huntsville locations, with its initial restaurant launched in 1996 by two Auburn alumni. Tenders offers multiple items on their menu that are $10 and under.

You can get a Tenders plate that includes 4 tenders, fries, texas toast, slaw and sauce for $9.26. You can also find a Tenders sandwich, Tenders snack, salads, 6 wings, and all of their desserts, each priced at under $10.

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