5 Huntsville-based podcasts to fuel your summer commutes

Learn more about Huntsville with these 5 local podcasts. (Elizabeth Hobbs / Hville Blast)

Calling all podcast enthusiasts and eager learners! If you’re like me, you shy away from silent commutes and are always searching for your next podcast to binge.

Maybe you love learning new things and want more insight on the city you love and the unique voices that make it.

I’m here with a solution: 5 of my favorite Huntsville-made podcasts to dip your toes into Huntsville’s sonic landscape.

Add these entertaining, informative shows to your library for your next commute, walk or free moment.

1. “Uncommon Access” | Redstone Gateway

uncommon access
Learn more about Huntsville and where it’s going. (Redstone Gateway / Website)

In this casual interview-style podcast, host James Lomax invites Huntsville’s influential forward-thinkers to discuss their special projects and their outlook on the future of Huntstville.

Get the scoop on Huntsville’s developments, programs, past and future. With episode length ranging from 30-40 minutes, it’s the perfect way to level up your commute.

2. “Tiny Expeditions” | HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology

tiny expeditions
Expand your knowledge on genetics and genomics with entertaining hosts, Sarah and Chris. (HudsonAlpha Institute / Website)

Ever wondered what the researchers are working on over at HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology? From animal morphology to agriculture to human health and genomics, HudsonAlpha’s resident genomics podcasters break down the fascinating research happening on site.

Science writer Sarah Sharman, PhD and storyteller Chris Powell take you on a journey through the world of genomics, including visits to the lab and insight from some of the world’s leading scientists.

3. “Beyond Rockets”

beyond rockets
From learning about the development of MidCity with Nadia Niakossary to getting the scoop on Offbeat Coffee Studio’s locations, you’ll love Beyond Rockets. (Beyond Rockets / Website)

Here to prove there is more to Huntsville than just being “the Rocket City” is the Beyond Rockets podcast.

From weekly “What’s Happening in Huntsville” quick episodes to in-depth conversations with community entrepreneurs, creatives and leaders, Beyond Rockets takes you on a captivating journey of what’s to love in Huntsville.

4. “The Downtown Explorer” | Downtown Huntsville Inc.

Uncover Huntsville’s hidden gems and remarkable community members that make Huntsville a destination city. (The Downtown Explorer / Website)

For the local business connoisseur and natural Huntsville explorers, there is The Downtown Explorer. While no longer producing content, this podcast is full of insight on everything going on in Huntsville.

From placemaking to community building, the charming Chad Emerson invited community members to share their Huntsville passions. Uncover things to do, places to visit, and people to follow with this upbeat, easy listen.

5. “Know Huntsville”

know hville
Know Huntsville offers insight on Huntsville’s art, events, music scene and more. (Know Huntsville / Instagram)

Although these episodes are from 2018-2020, there’s still plenty to learn from this podcast about Huntsville’s art and culture.

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Elizabeth Hobbs
Elizabeth Hobbs
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