5 Huntsville bakers making the cutest Christmas cookies this season

king meadow cookies
It’d be hard to take a bite out of these. (King Meadow Cookies / Facebook)

It’s that time of year when sugar cookies take center stage over chocolate chip and snickerdoodle, and icing belongs on a cookie.

To celebrate the humble sugar cookie’s shining moment, we’re highlighting 5 Huntsville-area cookie bakers that are baking up some extra-festive Christmas cookies this season.

1. Capital Cookie Co.

capital cookie co. christmas cookies
How can a cookie be so perfect? (Capital Cookie Co. / Facebook)

Based in Madison, Alabama, Capital Cookie Co. is a cottage business run by Darra, who moved here recently from Virginia. You may have spotted her around town at local holiday markets, selling her cute Christmas cookies. She also offers custom cookies in all sorts of flavors, including pumpkin toffee, mocha and apple cider!

2. King Meadow Cookies

king meadow cookies christmas cookies
Those faces are just too cute. (King Meadow Cookies / Facebook)

Katie Perkins is the baker behind King Meadow Cookies. She’s always creating new designs, so check her out on social media to see all the latest Christmas cookies and more!

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  • Order: Keep an eye out on social media to see what she’s offering and to order!

3. Sweet B’s Custom Cookies

sweet b's custom cookies
That looks like a tasty train. (Sweet B’s Custom Cookies / Facebook)

Sweet B’s, run by Becky Englert in Huntsville, offers cute cookie designs in creative sets—like a cookie train set, a cookie stocking set with mix-and-match cookie faces popping out, and a cookie mug with a gift card!

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  • Order: Message Sweet B’s on Facebook to order!

4. Cristin’s Cookie Co.

cristin's cookie co.
These pinky pastels are adorable. (Cristin’s Cookie Co. / Facebook)

If you’re located a bit more southwest, this one’s for you! Cristin’s Cookie Co. is based in Cullman, Alabama, where Cristin bakes up beautifully decorated Christmas cookies as well as cookie decorating kits.

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  • Order: Message Cristin’s Cookie Co. on Facebook to order!

5. Curlie Q Cookies

curlie q cookies
What a variety! (Curlie Q Cookies / Facebook)

Each Curlie Q Cookie is a work of art—that’s just as delicious as it is pretty! Carrie bakes up festive Christmas cookies like elf-on-the-shelf triangle cookies and her “Bag of Coal” cookies.

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