7 places to get your chocolate chip cookie fix in Huntsville

tray of cookies in huntsville
Fresh out. (Cookie Fix’s Facebook)

August 4 is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, meaning you MUST eat at least one classic cookie. In no particular order, we’ve gathered some locally loved cookies in Huntsville for you to indulge in.

1. Maddie’s Cookie Company

Love a giant soft cookie with a slight crunch on the outside? Head to Maddie’s Cookie Company for that perfect cookie fix in Huntsville. Don’t forget to take home some frozen cookie dough so you can keep celebrating.

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2. Cookie Dough Magic

cookie dough
Sweet! (Hville Blast)

We’re counting cookie dough in this list cause you can’t make cookies without it. Plus, it’s arguably the better part of the cookie. At Cookie Dough Magic in Huntsville try the chocolate chip cookie flavor. The best part—it’s safe to eat.

3. Cookie Fix

cookie fix
It’s time for a sweet treat! (Cookie Fix)

Sweet tooth havers commence! Cookie Fix has delicious, delectable servings of sweet chocolate chip cookies for you to order. What started in Birmingham, the love for these cookies has landed in the Rocket City. Have you tried them yet?

4. Crumbl Cookie

Crumbl Cookie has set up shop in Huntsville and if you haven’t gone yet, this is your sign to go. These giant cookies are made fresh every day, so you know you’re biting into some of the best cookies around.

5. Peggy Ann Bakery

box of assorted cookies
A box of deliciousness. (Peggy Ann Bakery)

What’s more Southern than cookies, sweets and a double name? At Peggy Ann Bakery these cookies are just as good as the homemade ones your grandma makes. Trust me, don’t sleep on these cookies.

6. The Moon Bakeshop

We know that it’s not technically a chocolate chip cookie but if you order a MISSION TO LOVE Cookie Box you’d be benefitting New Futures, a homeless shelter here in Huntsville. Plus you’d get to try the S’mores Cookie. YUM.

7. Batter Up Bakery

For National Cookie Day, you can get $1 cookies and double doozies for $2.50 at Batter Up Bakery in Huntsville. This isn’t a deal you want to miss.

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