5 places to order fresh cider in Huntsville

fresh cider
#DYK that the ciders at Fractal are naturally gluten-free? (Fractal Brewing)

It’s the season for fresh cider which means we gathered a mini guide to the hard + soft cider in Huntsville. Keep reading to find out where to get this tasty fall beverage.

1. Fractal Brewing

At Fractal you have options when it comes to craft hard ciders. If you’re feeling adventurous, try the cranberry cider. They also have apple cider if you’re into the classics. There are also non-alcoholic versions available.

2. InnerSpace Brewing

Farmhouse Cider is Innerspace Brewing’s version of hard cider. It’s fruity, flavorful and fun.

3. Straight to Ale

Fall into the season with a frozen spiced fresh cider. We all know how Alabama weather likes to switch it up, so on a warm day order frozen spiced cider spiked with rum.

4. Scott’s Orchard

Fresh-picked apples from the orchard make this soft fresh cider one of the best around. You can also purchase the apple cider spices to make your own homemade cider that’s just as good as theirs.

5. Chandlers Ford Brewing

The apple harvest is upon us and we ❣️ fresh cider. Try Sweata Weatha, a sour dosed with fresh Apple Cider only at Chandlers Ford Brewing.

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