6 apple + pumpkin U-pick farms around Huntsville to enjoy this fall

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Happy fall! (Reeves’ Peach Farm)

Time to pull out the cardigans and flannels because it’s beginning to feel like fall. And what’s more seasonal than going to apple and pumpkin U-pick farms? Whether you want to pick the classic pumpkin or a crispy apple, we have gathered the best farms around Huntsville.

1. Scott’s Orchard

You might know Scott’s Orchard for their juicy peaches, but did you know they also grow apples that you can pick yourself? From crispy pink ladies to classic galas, there is an apple for every flavor palate. Also, don’t forget to try their fan-fav apple cider spices.

2. Isom’s Orchard

Isom’s Orchard in Athens has over 250 acres of apple-filled orchards and a plethora of other fruits and veggies including pumpkins. You’ll find one of the best varieties of apples such as Granny Smith, Fuji and Candy Crisp. This is one of our favs when it comes to U-pick farms.

You can start picking gold rush apples in late October/early November.

3. Crow Mountain Orchard

It’s a little over an hour’s drive but this is one of the U-pick farms that’s completely worth it. At Crow Mountain Orchard, you can pick apples and then take home a hug of their apple cider made from a family-secret recipe.

4. Reeves’ Peach Farm

The spotted ones are my fave! (Reeves’ Peach Farms)

Don’t let the name fool you, Reeves’ Peach Farm has more than just peaches. You’ll be glad to hear that you can find some of the prettiest pumpkins to decorate your home with as well as a kitchen with food cooked with freshly-picked produce.

5. Tate Farms

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One of the babies at the barnyard. (Summer Guffey / Hville Blast)

Tate Farms has it all! From happy hayrides to bashful barnyard animals, there’s something for the whole fam. The hayride takes you to the larger pumpkin patch where you can choose that perfect pumpkin to take home.

6. Panther Branch Pumpkin Patch

Get your spooky festive gear on and head to Panther Branch Pumpkin Patch. This 20-acre u-pick farm has pumpkins and a quaint fish farm to make your experience unique. You’ll love to find that during the month of October, their proceeds will go towards their “Pumpkins 4 Punkins,” a donation service that helps families adopt internationally and domestically.

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