7 art galleries in Huntsville for every art lover

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A throwback to one of the many stunning works at Lowe Mille. (Summer Guffey / Hville Blast)

Art is a great way to share experiences and thoughts with those around you. Looking for local art galleries in town? We gathered art galleries in Huntsville that every art enthusiast should know about.

1. Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment

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Another phenomenal exhibit previously held in the upstairs gallery at Lowe Mill. (Summer Guffey / Hville Blast)

For a unique collection of local art with an everchanging, non-traditional showcase of galleries, plan a visit to Lowe Mill. With seven galleries and an Open Studio Night, there’s art for everyone to enjoy.

Looking for art studios that focus on general painting? Check these studios out:

  • Jodi Nuttal—Studio 308
  • Willette Battle—Studio 309
  • Conor O’Brien—Studio 306
  • Yuri Ozaki—Studio 307
  • Heartfelt Expressions—Studio 316
  • Stacie Thomas—Studio 307
  • Kayla Devin—Studio 305
  • Cara Thomas—Studio 303
  • Susie Garrett—Studio 126
  • Everett Carter—Studio 117
  • and many more!

There’s even an online gallery for you to enjoy on the go or at home.

2. Reflective Frames and Art Gallery

Located in the evergrowing suburb in Hampton Cove, enjoy the art at Reflective Frames and Art Gallery. You can take classes, purchase locally made fine art and frame art you already have.

3. The Little Green Store and Gallery

The Little Green Store doubles as a little store and a gallery, so you can find that perfect home gift while also enjoying the exhibits.

On September 1st, they opened Heather Baumbach’s Imagined Landscapes, a gallery exploring texture and colors. Looking forward, you can expect The Little Green Store to open Crossovers, a celebration of three creative artists.

4. Carole Forêt Fine Art

Whether you want to just peruse, take a painting class or add fine art to your home collection, Carole Forêt Fine Art is the place for stunning artwork.

5. In Honor of my Great-Grandfather—Wilson Hall Gallery

From September 21 to November 3, follow the journey of Charlie Lucas’s family of craftspeople through sculptures and mixed media assemblages.

6. “Embodied: Contemporary Takes on the Dress”—Union Grove Gallery

UAH Department of Art History and Design is showcasing a public exhibit you won’t want to miss. This collaborative exhibition of nine artists is a collection of dresses that tell a narrative of joy sorrow and individuality. You can experience these stories from October 4-November 3.

7. Huntsville Museum of Art

After enjoying a walk in the cool breeze of Big Spring Park, make your way to the Huntsville Museum of Art to experience Encounters by Vadis Turner. Located in the Grisham Gallery, Turner uses domestic fabric shaping it into fascinating sculptures.

This exhibit is on display from July 31 to November 27.

BONUS: For more information on art in Huntsville, keep up with Huntsville Art League, a nonprofit dedicated to the arts.

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