8 small, unique music venues to enjoy live music in Huntsville

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Immerse yourself in the Huntsville music scene. (Elizabeth Hobbs / Hville Blast)

Huntsville is quickly becoming a music hub in Alabama for small and renowned artists alike. Here are some more intimate (but still fun and unique) live music venues you should check out to get the most out of Huntsville’s bustling music scene.

1. Gold Sprint

See the transformation of Gold Sprint’s stage. (Elizabeth Hobbs / Hville Blast)

Coffee and a show…what could be better? Gold Sprint is a coffee shop by day and show venue by night.

Open mic nights are hosted by local artist Wanda every first Thursday from 7-10PM (for free) and are open to all ages and artists. Gold Sprint also hosts a variety of small bands, including an upcoming show on Saturday, July 22.

2. Boardman HSV

Check out their show tonight featuring Calliope Pettis, Dweeby and Okay Kenedi. (The Boardman HSV)

If you want something really different, check out Boardman HSV: a house show venue meets music collective.

Boardman HSV also hosts shows through Undertow Shows who’s mission is to connect small artists with intimate, unique venues.

3. Stovehouse

Kick back at Stovehouse to enjoy good food, vibes and of course, live music. (Elizabeth Hobbs / Hville Blast)

Stovehouse’s Main Stage at the Leisure Lawn and Food Garden hosts a variety of local artists to serenade the guests of Stovehouse.

Complementary live music is every Thursday, Friday and Saturday (the best time to visit Stovehouse, in my opinion).

4. The Electric Belle at Stovehouse

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I got to see The Band Silhouette rock it on stage at the Electric Belle. (Elizabeth Hobbs / Hville Blast)

If you love Stovehouse but indoor music is more your vibe, check out the Electric Belle.

Grab a drink from the bar and enjoy the show.

5. The Camp at MidCity

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You’ll always have a fun time with food, drinks + music at The Camp. (Elizabeth Hobbs / Hville Blast)

The Camp is a vibrant music hub perfect for having a good time. They host a variety of local and visiting talent for fun-filled shows.

6. Shagnasty’s Grubbery and Pour House

Shagnasty’s knows how to have a good time. (Shagnasty’s)

Shagnasty’s brings live entertainment to Huntsville every single night (yes, every night).

Check out their upcoming event to browse a variety of music options ranging from 80’s tunes to Them Damn Dogs (an iconic Huntsville indie/alt-rock band).

7. Jeff & Blues

Grab your friends and enjoy a night out at Jeff & Blues. (Jeff & Blues)

Lastly, get a taste of the Orion Amphitheater with Jeff & Blues at Apollo Park in MidCity.

One of MidCity’s newest music destinations, Jeff & Blues is a lively, hip venue offering great drinks and food, free live shows plus entertainment before and after shows at the Orion.

8. Lowe Mill Concerts on the Dock

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Mark your calendars for the return of Concerts on the Dock. (Elizabeth Hobbs / Hville Blast)

Concerts on the Dock doesn’t start back until September 8, but that doesn’t mean we can’t include it on this list. Explore Lowe Mill’s extensive art galleries and studios before enjoying a festival-style concert by local and regional artists.

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