Average rent in Huntsville still on the rise

Average monthly rent for a Huntsville apartment is up slightly from last quarter. (Village at Providence)

As we reported at the beginning of the year, renting an apartment in the Huntsville metro area is not going to be cheap these days, and the average monthly rent in Huntsville is still on the rise.

According to REINation.com, the average rent for an apartment in Huntsville rose slightly this quarter. Here’s more info:

Average rent in Huntsville

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Apartments like The Eclipse in Downtown Huntsville are in high demand, which always ends up raising costs. (The Eclipse Huntsville)

Average rent in Huntsville for an apartment is currently $1,195 per month, up from $1,151 per month last quarter. Huntsville and Madison both rank among the most expensive cities in Alabama for renters, with Madison’s average monthly rent sitting at a hefty $1,300.

In fact the five most expensive cities for renters in Alabama include both Huntsville and Madison:

  1. Auburn: $1,563
  2. Madison: $1,300
  3. Tuscaloosa: $1,280
  4. Birmingham: $1,274
  5. Huntsville: $1,195

Huntsville’s expensive neighborhoods for renters

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Rent in Huntsville keeps rising, especially in places like Chaney’s Cove and Ashton Springs. (Colonial Properties)

The REINation report says that renters make up 26.7 percent of the Huntsville population. And depending on where you live, rent can be more costly than a monthly mortgage.

According to RentCafe.com, the communities in Huntsville with the highest average monthly rent are:

  1. The Ridge: $1,449
  2. Summerfield-Phillips Creek: $1,372
  3. Ashton Springs: $1,362
  4. Ashton Springs – West Park: $1,362
  5. Brockway Place: $1,362
  6. Brookside – Cotton Junction: $1,362
  7. Cummings Research Park West: $1,360
  8. Hidden Creek – Thomas Manor: $1,360
  9. Indian Creek Cove: $1,360
  10. Jacobs Pointe – Chaney’s Cove: $1,360

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