Huntsville rental rates on the rise, but it could be worse

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The demand for apartments has made Huntsville rental rates increase more than 10 percent. (Metronome MidCity)

We all know that Huntsville is the fastest growing city in Alabama — also one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. — and one of the reasons cited for the city’s growth is its affordable housing. But the growth has sparked demand which in turn has caused Huntsville rental rates to increase.

Although not the most expensive rates in the state, Huntsville rental rates for apartments increased by 12 percent from 2021, according to Here’s a look at where Huntsville stands:

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Average Huntsville Rental Rates

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Average Huntsville rental rates for apartments right now stand at $1,151 per month. (Artisan – Twickenham Square via Facebook)

According to, average Huntsville rental rates stand at $1,151, which is up 12 percent from rental rates in 2021. This places the Rocket City above most cities in Alabama, but behind Auburn, Birmingham and Tuscaloosa as the state’s most expensive city for renters. Obviously college towns are going to be slightly higher than other cities, but Huntsville is among the most expensive.

However, Huntsville’s neighbor — Madison– shows some of the highest rental rates of any city in the state, and has an average rental rate nearly $200/month higher than Huntsville.

For comparison, here’s the average monthly rent for apartments in other cities in Alabama:

  • Auburn: $1,445
  • Madison: $1,323
  • Birmingham: $1,280
  • Tuscaloosa: $1,230
  • Huntsville: $1,151
  • Montgomery: $1,086
  • Mobile: $1,081
  • Phenix City: $1,036
  • Athens: $877
  • Decatur: $796

Huntsville apartment rent by neighborhood

Research Park is one of the most expensive communities in Huntsville for renters. (Reserve at research park via Facebook)

RentCafe also lists the neighborhoods in Huntsville with the highest apartment rental rates, and listed these 10 communities as having the highest rental rates in Huntsville:

CommunityAverage Rent per unit
The Ridge$1,457
Summerfield – Phillips Creek$1,391
Ashton Springs$1,381
Ashton Springs – West Park$1,381
Brockway Place$1,381
Brookside – Cotton Junction$1,381
Cummings Research Park West$1,381
Hidden Creek – Thomas Manor$1,381
Indian Creek Cove$1,381
Jacobs Pointe – Chaney’s Cove$1,381

The most affordable neighborhoods in Huntsville, according to RentCafe, are Baker Park, where the average rent goes for $716/month, Blue Haven – Holly Acres, where renters pay $716/month on average and Brookhurst, where the average rent goes for $716/month.

More apartments in Huntsville

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Apartment complexes and mixed-use developments like the Arcadia are in the works in the Huntsville area. (Retail Specialists)

To accommodate the rapid growth in Huntsville and surrounding areas, apartment complexes and multi-use developments are sprputing up eberywhere around town, and more are coming.

Building permits have been issued in the last six months for a bevy of multi-family developments, including:

Rental rates for these new complexes have not been disclosed but these new developments will likely not lower the average rental rate in Huntsville, as they offer prime amenities and location.

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