7 places to find sweet peach ice cream in Huntsville

peach ice cream in huntsville
You’re in for a peach. (Cozy Cow)

Did you know that July 17th is National Peach Ice Cream Day? We got the scoop on peach ice cream in Huntsville so you can celebrate this tasty holiday.

1. Mr. Naked Taco & Homemade Ice Cream

owners of mr taco and homemade ice cream
Let’s go! (Michael Seale / Hville Blast)

Looking for a fresh way to grab some peach ice cream? Head over to Jones Valley to Mr. Naked Taco & Homemade Ice Cream for authentic Mexican ice cream. You’re in luck peach lovers, cause they have some of the best peach ice cream in Huntsville.

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2. Oscar Moon’s

This ice cream in Huntsville will have you over the moon! Try the Alabama Peach Pie milkshake for house-made whipped cream and the juiciest peaches.

3. The Cozy Cow

The coziest spot for ice cream would definitely be The Cozy Cow. Don’t sleep on their peach ice cream, it’s fresh, tasty and in season.

4. Three Scoops

It’s all peaches and cream at Three Scoops. For a Southern favorite ice cream in Huntsville, order a scoop of Georgia Peach. It’s loaded with pieces of this juicy fruit for a burst of peach flavor in every bite.

5. Suzy’s Pops

Get a peach of this! The gourmet popsicles at Suzy’s Pops never disappoint and the peach flavor is top tier. Try the peach basil next time you make your way to their shop or pop-ups.

6. Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream

Handel’s uses fresh peaches so you can trust me when I say this is some of the sweetest ice cream in Huntsville. It’s the best season for peaches too.

7. [BONUS] The Peach Cobbler Factory

Love peaches and warm desserts? Then you’ll want to stop by The Peach Cobbler Factory which will be in South Huntsville. It’s opening soon so keep an eye out for this peachy keen restaurant.

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