COMING SOON: The Constellation is a new Huntsville development bringing luxury living + more

The Constellation
This project is a long-time in the making. (Rocket City Scope / Facebook)

As the City of Huntsville grows in popularity and size, a 22-year project called The Constellation comes just in time. Luxury apartments, retail stores, restaurants and office spaces are all set to reside in this massive development sitting on the entrance of downtown. Read on to find out all the details on the project.

What is The Constellation

The Constellation
Claimed to be the nicest apartment in Huntsville to date. (Rocket City Scope / Facebook)

Fittingly named for the city revolving around space travel, The Constellation is an 11-acre development located on the brink of downtown where the old Heart of Hunstville mall sat. Coined “Huntsville’s Front Door” for its position, It will be one of the first things visitors see as they enter the downtown area.

The Constellation plans to hold not only state-of-the-art apartments but restaurants, a new office building, hotels and more.

Constellation developer D. Scott McLain of Coldwell Banker Commercial McLain Real Estate is the mastermind behind this project. He began plans nearly 22 years ago with his father and other partners. Flash forward through the death of his father and original partner as well as the 2008 financial crisis, and Mclain is still pushing through to achieve his dream development.

“We happen to be the possessors of a really good piece of property in Huntsville. And with it comes the responsibility to do it right. So we have been striving for a long time to execute this properly. We will continue with that effort until we finish, and I never give up.”

D. Scott McLain, Developer, The Constellation

Details on the apartment development

The Constellation
An outdoor courtyard can be seen in the new apartment community. (Rocket City Scope / Facebook)

“We’re currently building 219 apartments. They’ll be the nicest in town until someone builds something nicer.”

D. Scott McLain, Developer, The Constellation

The Constellation Apartment Community consists of one to three-bedroom units with fine decor and all the amenities usually found in a first class apartment complex. Some of the features include:

  • 24-hour wellness center
  • Resort-style heated pool
  • Interior courtyards
  • Tanning ledge
  • Expansive rooftop
  • Pet spa
  • Vehicle charging stations

Leasing will be made available for The Constellation Apartments beginning on June 1, 2022. Pre-leasing has already begun.

An office building that soars to new heights

This will be the tallest office building in Huntsville. (Rocket City Scope / Facebook)

Perhaps McLain’s biggest vision for The Constellation is his towering office building. If constructed, this will be the tallest office building in Huntsville. However, construction on this project is holding until McLain sees how post-COVID work-life looks. With many people working from home and no longer meeting in an on-site office, the need right now is low.

Nevertheless, McLain predicts there will be a mass return to office life, and when that happens, the need for Class A office space in downtown Huntsville will be higher than ever before.

Current timeline

The development is well underway. (Rocket City Scope / Facebook)

The Constellation development is nearly complete after years of dedication and work. The apartments will be available to be leased and lived in during Summer 2022. One hotel, Springhill Suites by Marriot, has already been built and opened, on-site. Also, McLain has said he plans to add several restaurants to the development by Fall 2023.

The retail component of the area is still in the works, as well as plans for the office building and pedestrian sky bridge connecting the development to the Lowe Mill area.

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