Huntsville’s CommentSold acquires retail analytics company Social Retail Success

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Huntsville-based CommentSold acquired Social Retail Success, a retail analytics software company. (Nathan Watson/Bham Now)

CommentSold, a digital commerce solution that enables retail businesses to unlock sales growth through live and social selling, announced Monday that it has acquired Social Retail Success, which provides an advanced business analytics suite that helps retailers on the CommentSold platform optimize sales, plan and manage inventory, and manage customer relationships to increase profitability.

What the acquisition means for CommentSold

SRS is a turnkey analytics suite that enhances the tools and features offered through CommentSold. Available to larger-volume retailers on the CommentSold platform, the suite helps businesses identify opportunities to reach and convert new customers and increase their sales and profitability.

SRS can generate up to 38 different daily reports across sales, inventory planning, inventory management, customer management and profitability. The suite provides merchants with business intelligence such as sales, inventory, cost-savings and customer activity analyses and trend reports. SRS will also soon add a customer lifetime value analysis to its range of reports.

“Our overarching goal has always been to empower retailers to grow their businesses and this acquisition provides our partners with enhanced analytics that will help accelerate their success. SRS’s analytics suite is a strong complement to the other capabilities we offer retailers and we couldn’t be more pleased to welcome SRS founder Tim Gallagher to our team to lead our retail strategy efforts. He founded and architected SRS specifically for merchants on our platform and he’s an expert at using data and technology solutions to help independent retailers track performance and execute winning growth strategies.”

Brandon Kruse, founder and CEO of CommentSold

What CommentSold clients can expect

Retailers that use CommentSold can access reports through a single business intelligence dashboard and work directly with their CommentSold account strategist to make the most of the opportunities that the SRS suite identifies for their business. Most of the larger-volume boutiques on the CommentSold platform already use SRS to surface insights that drive sales growth and profitability.

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