A new taco joint is coming to Huntsville—here’s what we know

condado tacos
Huntsville’s getting a new take on tacos. (Condado Tacos / Facebook)

It’s no secret that Huntsville’s got lots of good taco options. But, if those weren’t enough, there’s another one coming to town!

Condado Tacos is expanding big-time in 2023, and Huntsville is one of the places it’s landing. Here’s what we know.

Huntsville is part of their “Taco Tour” in 2023

condado tacos
Each location gets its own custom floor-to-ceiling mural. (Condado Tacos / Facebook)

Condado Tacos already has 39 locations across the nation, starting from Columbus, Ohio, in 2014. Eight years later, they’re bringing their unique flavors to Huntsville as a part of their “Taco Tour” planned for 2023.

Huntsville is one of 12 new locations that Condado is adding to their roster, but we have yet to hear where exactly in Huntsville they’re planning on taking their tacos.

The menu is creative and vegan-friendly

condado tacos
There will be plenty of margs to go around. (Condado Tacos / Facebook)

Condado’s menu is full of creative tacos, build-your-own options, sides and drinks. Their “Suggested Tacos” menu features tacos that they’ve created to satisfy all taco-lovers, from those who like it spicy to those who like it plant-based.

Or, if you’re looking to build your own creation, they’ve got a plethora of options. You can choose tacos, nachos or a bowl and load it up with proteins (which include plant-based options like Thai Chili Tofu, Korean BBQ Pulled Jackfruit and Veggie Chorizo), toppings, salsas and sauces.

Grab yourself a side dish like Loaded Tots or the Condado Mac and one of their margaritas and you’ve got yourself a meal loaded with flavor and fun.

We’ll keep you updated on when and where you’ll be able to find Condado in Huntsville. Until then, here’s where you can find them online.

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