Craft Coffee Trail Refresh: stamp your way through 11 Huntsville coffee shops

craft coffee trail
Have you seen the updated Craft Coffee Trail Guide? (Elizabeth Hobbs / Hville Blast)

Discover a new way to explore your favorite coffee shops in Huntsville with the recently updated Craft Coffee Trail. Keep reading to get the full scoop.

The Craft Coffee Trail new line up

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Discover your new go-to shops with the Coffee Trail. (Elizabeth Hobbs / Hville Blast)

The fourth edition of the Coffee Trail features 11 Huntsville cafés and coffee bars where you can get a quality cup of joe (or tea).

New to the Trail are Turbo Coffee, Mason Dixon Bakery and the Bakingtist. I was thrilled to see these new additions, but sad to see Gold Sprint, Northside Coffee and Charlie Fosters no longer on the list.

The updated Craft Coffee Trail features:

How to participate

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Turbo Coffee is one of the three new additions to the Coffee Trail. (Elizabeth Hobbs / Hville Blast)

Starting the Craft Trails is easy! When you visit a participating storefront, ask for a Trail Guide when you order. They’ll give you a stamp for your purchase, and after you get a stamp at each trail stop, contact Downtown Huntsville to claim your prize! It’s that easy.

Make it a fun hobby + challenge

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It’s like a game—challenge yourself to make it to all the stops! (Elizabeth Hobbs / Hville Blast)

This is now my third round of the Craft Coffee Trail. It’s an engaging, fun way to try new places you might not venture to otherwise.

Vary up where you get your morning coffee or schedule a work meeting at a new spot each week. I’ve tackled the Coffee Trail each summer, making it a personal challenge to support local and diversify my normal coffee shop routine.

New stops on the Craft Cocktail + Beer Trails

Downtown Huntsville announced the update on Instagram highlighting the trails’ new additions.

If you’re not into the coffee shop scene, try out the Craft Cocktail or Craft Beer Trail! Same concept, but you’ll get a little tipsy instead of caffeinated. Safe Craft Trailing, everyone!

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