From Space Camp counselor to Director of Human Resources—how this Huntsville woman did it


kimberly sherrod human resources
Kimberly Sherrod is landing her dream job with the help of UNA. (Erin Elise / Hville Blast)

We never really know where our college jobs will take us. 

That was true for Kimberly Sherrod, whose college gig as a Space Camp counselor started her on the path to becoming Director of Human Resources at one of Huntsville’s most iconic institutions, the U.S. Space and Rocket Center. 

Here’s how she did it with a graduate degree from the University of North Alabama (UNA). 

Getting her MBA

kimberly sherrod human resources
Did you go to Space Camp? (Kimberly Sherrod)

Kimberly started working with the Space and Rocket Center after receiving her bachelor’s degree in psychology. She quickly realized that she had a passion for the administrative side of being a Space Camp counselor, which ultimately led to a job in the human resources department. 

In 2018, during a performance review with her manager, Kimberly began discussing her career goals, which included leadership positions in human resources. Her manager suggested she pursue her Master of Business Administration, which led Kimberly to UNA. She enrolled in their online MBA program that year. 

Options for all kinds of pros

kimberly sherrod human resources
Kimberly’s MBA started paying instant dividends. (Erin Elise / Hville Blast)

Human resource management is one of 10 MBA concentrations UNA offers, including everything from information systems to global business.

Though Kimberly graduated in 2020, she found that what she was learning in class was immediately applicable to the work she was doing at the Space and Rocket Center every day. 

“Having the knowledge and the background of various fields also helped me relate to other departments, all the way from marketing to accounting. The UNA MBA allowed me to better understand and work better with those departments, as well as move up in my career in Human Resources.”

Kimberly Sherrod, Director, Human Resources, U.S. Space and Rocket Center

Kimberly’s advice

kimberly sherrod una human resources
Mom, HR Director, MBA…Kimberly wears many hats. (Kimberly Sherrod)

Kimberly, a mom of two who is involved in the community and completed the MBA program while working full time, also had some advice for prospective UNA students: 

“I would say, just do it…The rewards have been astounding.”

Kimberly Sherrod, Director, Human Resources, U.S. Space and Rocket Center

Kimberly’s oldest child was just a year old when she enrolled in 2018, and she had another child while completing the program. As a working mom, she worried that going back to school would limit her time with her daughter, but soon found UNA’s online MBA to be conducive to her busy schedule.

Though there were occasional long days and late nights, Kimberly always knew that she had someone to turn to when she needed help, whether that was a professor, an advisor or a classmate. 

Nuts + Bolts

kimberly sherrod una human resources
This cap and gown could be yours soon. (Kimberly Sherrod)
  • Affordable: At $19,550, UNA’s MBA program costs less than one third of the average program, and each newly enrolled student in the MBA program receives their first course FREE with the New Start Scholarship. Other scholarships are available for active duty or retired military, corporate partner employees + UNA alumni.
  • Flexible: The program is 100% online with 5 starts per year.No GMAT required—you just need a bachelor’s degree with a minimum 2.5 GPA.
  • Reputable: UNA is AACSB accredited.
  • Apply now to get started in January and get your first course for free! 

Ready to take the next step in your career? Join the next cohort of UNAs MBA now.

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