Fun fashion trends to watch for this spring—featuring local experts

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Kayla at Elitaire is weighing in on spring fashion trends for this year. (Sarah Gronberg / Hville Blast)

With highs in the 80s this week and flowers popping up everywhere, it’s safe to say that springtime has arrived in Huntsville.

And with the new season comes new trends. We talked with Kayla Adams (with Elitaire) and Rasheem Pitman (with Dionicio’s Closet), both local fashion experts, to find out what types of fashions we’re going to be seeing in 2023.

Here’s what they had to say.

Women’s trends

Kayla started out by emphasizing the appearance of yellow—in everything. From dresses to handbags and shoes, yellow tones are earning spots in our wardrobes this year.

Another color that Kayla mentioned being a big trend this season is lavender. She said that it’s been big for a while, and she expects it to be big again, and even think it’s “here to stay.”

But it’s not just those colors, it’s also a combination of lots of colors. Bold patterns are doing to be trendy this spring, and, as Kayla put it, “the brighter the better.”

“We’re still in the post-Covid mode of ‘more’—they want color.”

Kayla Adams, owner of Elitaire

Speaking of the post-Covid season, Kayla said that blazer sets are coming back big-time as more and more people return to the office.

And let’s take a look at the little details. Kayla said that draping is something she’s been seeing a lot—which she’s a big fan of. Little embellishments like sequins, feathers, 3D appliquĂ©s and other fun additions are also in high-demand.

Finally, accessories are front-and-center this season. We’re loving hair accessorizing in general, but fun hairbands in particular are becoming more and more trendy. Kayla also pointed out the up-and-coming silk scarf, as she expects to see women wearing them around their necks—a trend that’s “very classic” in nature.

If you want to get a hold of these trends, here’s where you can find Elitaire.

Men’s trends

On the men’s side of things, we’ve got fashion designer Rasheem Pitman with Dionicio’s Closet weighing in.

The first thing he mentioned were cardigans, especially letterman-style ones. This trend is a part of the greater movement of ’50s and ’60s preppy looks coming back. Another trend we see in that vein is the use of bandanas.

As far as general fits go, Pitman said that a looser fit is becoming more popular, which we see “spilling into urban wear” with pieces like the flare pant.

Another look that’s becoming even more popular after trending for the past few years is the smart casual look. This one combines casual pieces with suits—an example being a full suit with a hoodie and white shoes.

Now for colors. The first that Pitman mentioned was sage, a color which a couple of his clients have already used for their wedding suits.

“Sage is a hot color right now, especially for weddings, and just in general. That’s something that men are starting to embrace more.”

Rasheem Pitman, owner of Dionicio’s Closet

In addition, he pointed out dark turquoise as being a trendy color this season. To round it out, Pitman emphasized the use of earth tones, which “are being embraced in the suiting world.”

If you’re looking to visit Dionicio’s Closet and see the trends (as well as classics) for yourself, here’s where you can find it.

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