5 things you need to know about Hello Morning Sunshine in Lowe Mill

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Meet Paige, the face behind Hello Morning Sunshine! (Sarah Gronberg / Hville Blast)

As winter approaches, little bits of sunshine are always welcome. In Lowe Mill, you’ll find a small business that’s bringing Huntsville those little bits of sunshine—in the form of earrings!

Hello Morning Sunshine is, “an accessory business created to spark joy in people’s lives,” as owner Paige Seegmiller puts it. Paige makes all sorts of bright, bold earrings and other accessories. Here’s what you need to know about this small business.

The beginning

hello morning sunshine
Paige handcrafts her bright, bold earrings. (Sarah Gronberg / Hville Blast)

Paige just moved her business into Lowe Mill a couple of months ago, but Hello Morning Sunshine started before then. Let’s go back to 2019.

It was Paige’s second-to-last semester of college, and she was living in Seattle with her husband, Luke. When she went shopping for earrings, she found that the selections were a bit unimpressive.

Luke gave her the idea to start making her own earrings, and that she did. She was home quite a bit taking online classes while Luke was in an internship. She took advantage of the time she had, starting out with learning how to make polymer clay earrings.

She kept learning more and more, acquiring skills and equipment along the way. She started designing her own shapes and decided that she wanted to make a business out of her fun, creative earrings.

But a business needs a name, right? There’s a story behind that, too.

The name

hello morning sunshine
Each pair of earrings brings that little bit of “sunshine”! (Sarah Gronberg / Hville Blast)

Paige remembers it “clear as day,” she told me. She was almost asleep one night when the words “morning sunshine” sporadically popped into her mind.

She woke her husband up and told him what just came to mind. He told her, “that’s so you, it’s perfect.”

The name fits Paige perfectly. She’s a morning person, and morning is when she’s most productive. It also fit the brand she wanted to create.

“I want to create a brand that creates sunshine in people’s lives.”

Paige Seemiller, owner of Hello Morning Sunshine

The “hello” got tacked on a little later, when she needed a social media tag. So, Hello Morning Sunshine it was.

It took Paige three years to go full-time with Hello Morning Sunshine. Before that, she worked in several positions (including investigating ballistics found in crime scenes) using her bachelor’s degree in Family Sciences.

But, she found that she wasn’t passionate about her different jobs—until this one. After moving to Huntsville back in June of 2020 for her husband’s job, she went full-time with her business and opened her own space in Lowe Mill.

“My heart is with this. I have no desire to do anything else…I’m so happy just creating and working with beautiful things like this every day.”

Paige Seegmiller

Let’s take a closer look at those beautiful things.

The earrings

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These bright earrings are some of the most popular that Paige makes. (Sarah Gronberg / Hville Blast)

So, what kind of earrings does Paige make? The short answer: not-boring ones.

“Life’s too short to wear boring earrings.”

Paige Seegmiller

She’s got earrings in all shapes and sizes, from her large statement earrings to her tiny earrings. Some of them are named after her family members, and there’s even one named after her dog (the “Louis Dangle”).

Another important collection to Paige is the pride collection. She donates a part of the proceeds from the sales of this collection (including one of her most popular items, the “Be Proud of Yourself” earrings) to support the LGBTQ community. She wants Hello Morning Sunshine to be an inclusive brand where “anyone’s invited and everyone’s included.”

But earrings aren’t the end of the story.

Paige also makes other accessories like coasters and keychains and more. Hello Morning Sunshine is a lifestyle brand designed to bring color and personality into different parts of people’s lives—”accessories to bring you joy,” Paige sums it up.

The future

hello morning sunshine
There’s more to come at Hello Morning Sunshine. (Sarah Gronberg / Hville Blast)

Hello Morning Sunshine has been in Lowe Mill for a couple of months now. Paige loves being in the community and hopes to establish her presence here and become a known brand in Huntsville.

She has lots of ideas and hopes to expand into a bigger space inside Lowe Mill, and one day have her own storefront.

But, in the nearer future, Paige wants to start offering fun classes like making charm necklaces. She’s hoping to bring that idea to life in the next couple of months to “give people an opportunity to play with that fun side of their mind.”

But, for now, there’s plenty of fun still waiting at her store.

Where you can find Hello Morning Sunshine

hello morning sunshine
This is Hello Morning Sunshine’s bright space. (Sarah Gronberg / Hville Blast)

Ready to visit Paige’s bright, happy space or order online? Here’s where you can find Hello Morning Sunshine.

If you’re looking for holiday gifts, Paige has you covered. Shopping local is very important to her, and she tries to shop exclusively from small businesses, whether locally or on Etsy.

So, she’s excited for Small Business Saturday, coming up on November 26. She’ll have a prize wheel, and everyone who comes in and makes a purchase on Small Business Saturday gets to spin (there’s all sorts of fun prizes on the wheel, like free earrings!). She’ll also have special sales on some of her products as well.

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