‘Shop Local-OPOLY’ is the game for the holiday shopping season

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This holiday shopping season, the Chamber encourages you to shop locally, like at Mason-Dixon Bakery & Bistro. (Mason Dixon Bakery via Facebook)

November has started and that means the holiday shopping season has begin as well. To coincide with the beginning of the shopping season, the Huntsville/Madison County Chamber of Commerce has launched a campaign and a cool “shopping game” to encourage folks to shop locally this season.

The game, “Shop Local-OPOLY” is like Monopoly. with the stops along the game board being local businesses to visit this holiday season. Check this out:

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Play Shop Local-OPOLY this holiday shopping season

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The Chamber has turned the holiday shopping season into a cool game in this campaign. (Huntsville/Madison County Chamber of Commerce)

Here’s something really cool: by participating in the Shop Local-OPOLY game, you are not only helping local businesses, but you may also help yourself because you have a chance to win as much as $650 in gift cards from local shops and eateries this holiday shopping season.

Here’s how to play:


  • The game will run from November 1, 2022 to December 1, 2022.
  • Entries must be returned to the Huntsville/Madison County Chamber by Thursday, Dec. 1 at 3PM
  • Winners will be announced at the Chamber’s Business & Brews event on December 1.


  • To enter, you must present 5 receipts from participating businesses dated within the game time frame and this completed game board. Receipts and the back page of your game board may be returned either in person or via email to resourcedesk@hsvchamber.org.
  • You can enter multiple times. Five receipts equals one entry.
  • Three winners will be announced on Dec. 1 and can pick up their gift cards at the Chamber starting Dec. 2 during regular business hours.


  • 1st prize: $650 in gift cards
  • 2nd prize: $400 in gift cards
  • 3rd prize: $250 in gift cards

“People don’t realize what it takes to run a small business, how you’re going to take care of your customers and your employees. But it really becomes like a family. Our local businesses are what run our entire economy.”

Mayor Tommy Battle

Lawren’s, Off the Rack Boutique + more

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Lawren’s is one of more than 30 local stores participating in this local shopping campaign. (Lawren’s via Facebook)

The game is fun and makes holiday shopping a little more interesting, but there’s more to shopping locally than that.

When you shop at local businesses, you’re making a personal investment in our community. In fact, for every $100 spent, roughly $68 to $73 of it returns to local activity.

Here are the Huntsville business participating in the Shop Local-OPOLY campaign this holiday shopping season:

“I absolutely love this concept and what the Chamber has put together for this year. Some of these are already places people are used to going to, and some of these are places that you may have been meaning to check out. This is just one more push to get people to get out and shop locally.”

Ashley Ramirez, owner of Mason Dixon Bakery & Bistro

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