Huntsville firm finds a creative new home at Coin Coworking


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Eli Walton, founder of Leerie Studio, has found a business home at Coin Coworking. (Michael Seale/Hville Blast)

When you run a small business, finding the right place to work is important, and when that business involves creative work and collaboration, work space is vital. That’s why Coin Coworking in Lincoln Mill was the perfect office solution for creative director Eli Walton’s Leerie Studio.

Here’s how a small business found its perfect new home at Coin Coworking:

About Leerie Studio

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Creative folks like Eli Walton have found an atmosphere conducive to creativity at Coin. (Michael Seale/Hville Blast)

Creative director and company founder Eli Walton started Leerie Studio in 2022 after spending time freelancing and working in-house for some small companies here in Huntsville.

Put in simple terms from Walton himself, Leerie Studio specializes in brand identity and web design. But his clients’ needs are far from simple and he tends to those needs regardless of the size of the business with which he is working.

Walton said his team loves to work with start-ups and developed companies alike to establish their digital presence and cultivate their visual aesthetic.

Leerie Studio focuses on bold, illustration-focused web design, and they develop companies’ and individuals’ visions from the color of the cursor on their website to images, illustrations and logos that permeate their print and digital presence. 

Why Leerie Studio + Coin Coworking are a great fit

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Coin Coworking gives its members the chance to collaborate with fellow members. (Hville Blast)

So, how did Walton end up operating his business from Coin Coworking? Much of that has to do with Coin’s owner Will Harbison. Walton said he was working from Turbo Coffee, which is also located in Lincoln Mill like Coin Coworking, and was approached by Harbison while in the coffee shop.

Walton said Harbison asked him what he did for a living and told him about his new coworking space at Lincoln Mill. Harbison showed Walton around the space and a relationship was forged.

“From photoshoots for clients to collaborating with fellow creatives and business owners, Coin allows me the freedom and flexibility to host clients well and continues to be a catalyst for the productivity of my company. “

Eli Walton, founder – Leerie Studio

Walton said his team loves working from the space when they need a break from their home or remote work environment — a trend that has grown exponentially since the pandemic when many workers had no choice but to work remotely.

But Walton said that not only are his team members loving Coin Coworking, but his clients are also impressed with the space. Coin offers meeting rooms and work spaces of varying categories, so Walton and his team have been able to make Coin their new home fairly easily.

Choosing Coin

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Coin Coworking offers a variety of work spaces at different membership levels. (Hville Blast)

Since opening the impressive coworking space just months ago, Harbison has been able to provide business owners like Walton a perfect work environment that solves a variety of business needs.

On the second floor with plenty of natural light coming through the huge windows, the space provides a positive vibe for creative folks like Walton. And the space itself is spread out enough to not feel crowded, but also intimate enough to where you can even collaborate with the other folks working alongside you.

To me, the best aspect of the Coin coworking initiative is that there are multiple tiers of membership that fit a variety of business budgets. And to me, that’s important because as our company grows, so would our working space needs. So Coin has you covered.

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Coin Coworking has private offices, personal desks, and open spaces all in the same coworking spot. (Hville Blast)

The different membership options include:

  • Private Office – Starting at $1,000 a month, you have your own private office in the Coin coworking space, which includes a desk, filing cabinet and the option to bring in more office supplies that you need..
  • Dedicated Desk – For $320 a month, you have your own desk in the open workspace, so you can always have the same desk in the same spot, and store your files, keep your computer, etc. at the desk.
  • Flex Space – At $190 a month, this is an incredibly affordable option, and allows you access to the space, and wherever inside the space you choose to work.

Keep in mind, all tiers of membership include access to the kitchen, conference room and quiet rooms. Need a mailing address for your company that is not your home? Coin has that option as well for $100 a month. Need to just come in for a day? Well, a daylong pass is just $50. Also, there’s free parking!

Want to learn more about COIN or schedule a tour? Go to Coin’s website today!

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