Historic Lincoln Mill is a perfect new home to Coin Coworking


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The historic Lincoln Mill campus is now home to retail, restaurants and offices like Coin Coworking. (Hville Blast)

If you are looking for historic buildings around Huntsville, you don’t have to look far, as the Rocket City is home to some of the oldest buildings and homes in the state. But what makes so many of these old buildings special is the restoration and preservation that has taken place to keep them functional.

Lincoln Mill is a perfect example of a fantastic restoration project, and that’s why Coin Coworking Initiative has found it to be the perfect home for its space.

The rich history of Lincoln Mill

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A timeline of the history of historic Lincoln Mill is on display in the South Lobby of the campus. (Michael Seale/Hville Blast)

To truly appreciate the current use of the building, you should look into the history of Lincoln Mill. And to trace the history of the mill, you’d have to go back to the turn of the century — as in 1900 — to see how the mill was started.

The original location of Lincoln Mill was on Oakwood Drive and operated from 1900 to 1906 and then from 1908 to 1915, when a new building was constructed under the name of Abingdon Mill.

The mill was expanded again in 1918, with a two-story addition to the twisting mill, bringing capacity to 28,080 spindles and 476 looms. However Abingdon went bankrupt and Lincoln Mill was formed in the aftermath when it was purchased by William Lincoln Barrell. Over the next several years, it quickly grew to be Huntsville’s largest cotton mill in the first quarter of the 20th century.

The rebirth of Lincoln Mill

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Historic Lincoln Mill has undergone multiple incarnations. (Hville Blast)

When the Great Depression hit, the textile industry slowed to a crawl and local mills slowed or even halted production. The industry picked up (along with production at Lincoln Mill) during World War II, but by the early 1950s, the mill closed amid violent worker strikes.

On the campus since the closing of the mills, the mill buildings were converted to offices, some of which were used in the mid-50s and 60s during the rise of the space program. In fact, the Apollo Lunar Roving Vehicle was designed in the mill by Brown Engineering. 

Since then, only Mill No. 3 of the campus remains, and a recently renovated Lincoln Mill campus now houses restaurants, retail and offices (like Coin Coworking). Located at 1300 Meridian Street Huntsville, AL 35801, the 215,000-square-foot facility is managed by Crunkelton Commercial Real Estate Group.

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The South Lobby is an inviting space as you enter the building. (Hville Blast)

Coin Coworking fits right in

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Coin Coworking is located on the second floor of the historic Lincoln Mill building. (Hville Blast)

Since the renovations at the historic Lincoln Mill began in 2020, companies have found their home on the campus, and Coin Coworking’s owner Will Harbison is one of those business owners who jumped at the chance to be a part of the action.

“We fell in love with the place. All of its history and charm make the atmosphere here at Lincoln Mill conducive to creativity and growth, and that’s what we want our clients to benefit from here at Coin.”

Coin Coworking owner Will Harbison

And with office space in Huntsville in high demand and business growth in the Rocket City happening at a rapid rate, Coin came along at the right time, and now is home to some of Huntsville’s budding entrepreneurs and creative workers. With multiple tiers of membership available at Coin, businesses will find Coin can fit their needs in several ways.

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Will Harbison, owner of Coin Coworking, is always around to greet you at the entrance of the second floor office space at the historic Lincoln Mill. (Hville Blast)

Join the Coin Coworking Initiative

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Coin offers so much space — and different types of work spaces — for its clients at the historic Lincoln Mill campus. (Hville Blast)

Joining Coin is easy. You can schedule a tour of the facility and even try out the space for free for a day and see what Coin at the historic Lincoln Mill has to offer.

The different membership options include:

  • Private Office – Starting at $1,000 a month, you have your own private office in the Coin coworking space, which includes a desk, filing cabinet and the option to bring in more office supplies that you need..
  • Dedicated Desk – For $320 a month, you have your own desk in the open workspace, so you can always have the same desk in the same spot, and store your files, keep your computer, etc. at the desk.
  • Flex Space – At $190 a month, this is an incredibly affordable option, and allows you access to the space, and wherever inside the space you choose to work.

All tiers of membership include access to the kitchen, conference room and quiet rooms. Need a mailing address for your company that is not your home? Coin has that option as well for $100 a month. Need to just come in for a day? Well, a daylong pass is just $50.

Learn more about Coin Coworking on the historic Lincoln Mill campus on their website, or visiting them on Facebook and on Instagram!

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