Hippea Camper to open brand new dog-friendly restaurant in old Mason Dixon Bakery building

hippea camper nachos
Hippea Camper has some exciting things ahead! (Sarah Gronberg / Hville Blast)

Hippea Camper, a Huntsville food truck serving up delicious plant-based dishes, has some exciting things ahead. They’re moving into the old location of Mason Dixon Bakery and Bistro! We talked with Garrett Hardee, owner of Hippea Camper, to find out more about the food truck and its future.

What is the Hippea Camper?

hippea camper
You’ve probably seen the green-and-white food truck around Huntsville. (Hippea Camper / Facebook)

Hippea Camper is a plant-based food truck that Garrett Hardee and his mom, LuAnne, started in April 2019. LuAnne had been eating vegan for 10 years, so she had accumulated lots of tasty plant-based recipes.

“She is a vegan chef and was instrumental in curating the menu and growing the brand from the beginning.”

Garrett Hardee

Garrett worked at Redstone Arsenal for about 10 years, but he had gone to school for business management before that and had always wanted to start a business of his own.

He noticed that other cities similar to Huntsville had sit-down vegan restaurants with lots of plant-based option. He wanted to give Huntsville those same options, especially as the city grew.

So, Hippea Camper was born.

Why plant-based?

hippea camper hot tamale
Hippea Camper’s most popular item is the hot tamale—”cheesy” grits with spicy black beans, guacamole and salsa. (Hippea Camper / Facebook)

Garrett was dealing with some health issues when he decided to start doing some research about how food and health are connected. He and his mom both got into researching plant-based diets.

“Not only is it healthier for people to eat this way, it’s also healthier for the planet.”

Garrett Hardee

He wanted to make plant-based options accessible to Huntsvillians. He explained that it can be awkward for people who eat plant-based to go out with friends, and he wanted to give those people options.

Those options include their food truck staples (like a vegan bagel and lox made with carrots—a personal favorite!) and rotating specials like buffalo cauliflower tacos and loaded nachos.

Where can you get it?

hippea camper pimento cheese
Garrett’s favorite dish is the pimento “cheese.” (Hippea Camper / Facebook)

You’ve probably seen the green-and-white camper roaming around town serving up dishes like the Hot Tamale (the most popular item) and the Pimento “Cheese” (Garrett’s favorite item).

But, you can also get Hippea Camper specials at Beezr and Honest Coffee all the time.

Here’s the Hippea Camper items at Beezr.

  • Hot Tamale Supreme
  • Vegan Chorizo Tacos
  • Vegan Taco de Chorizo Pizza
  • Vegan Nacho Chorizo
  • Tortilla & Semaforo
  • Hashroom Bake and Killer Cereal during weekend brunch!

And you can get the Vegan Chorizo Breakfast Burrito at Honest Coffee!

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The new location and its name

mason dixon hound and harvest
The new home of Hippea Camper’s latest endeavor. (Sarah Gronberg / Hville Blast)

Now for what’s next. Hippea Camper is partnering with Northside Coffee to bring Huntsville a new cafe and bistro in the building where Mason Dixon Bakery & Bistro used to be.

The new spot is going to be called—drumroll please—Hound and Harvest! They’re hoping to open in January 2023, so you won’t have to wait too long to try it.

Hound and Harvest will have a massive vegan menu as well as dishes with meat, so there will be something for everyone.

It will be dog-friendly and kid-friendly with a huge backyard area. They’ll have quick-service options as well as a space to hang out and enjoy the food and drinks.

“It will be a cafe vibe with a bistro feel, with the backyard being the main draw.”

Garrett Hardee

We can’t wait for this new addition to Huntsville’s food and drink scene. While we wait for its opening, though, here’s where you can find Hippea Camper online to know where they’re parking the camper each week.

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