A new Hispanic grocery store + taco spot is coming to Madison

la tiendita
There’s sure to be some flavor at this new spot. (La Tiendita / Instagram)

Out in Madison, places like Town Madison and Clift Farm are booming. Now, there will be some booming flavor on Madison Boulevard.

Here’s what you need to know about La Tiendita + Taqueria, a Hispanic grocery store and restaurant coming soon to Madison.

The tacos

la tiendita
The tacos are sure to be bursting with flavor. (La Tiendita / Facebook)

The taqueria side of La Tiendita is going to be bringing lots of flavorful Hispanic food to Madison. You can see them already serving up their authentic tacos here, outside of the coming-soon La Tiendita.

Once they’re officially open, we’ll be rushing to try the birria, al pastor and asada tacos (and the other seven varieties on the menu). They’ll even have veggie tacos available for the meatless crowd.

But it doesn’t stop at tacos. La Tiendita will serve a variety of authentic Hispanic dishes like burritos, picadas, tortas, quesadillas and nachos.

The groceries

la tiendita
Find all the spices, meats and produce you need at this new store. (La Tiendita / Facebook)

And if you’re looking to recreate those flavorful dishes at home, stop by the Tiendita side of La Tiendita + Taqueria. There, you’ll find authentic Hispanic groceries that aren’t readily available.

“Growing up in the Huntsville/Madison area, I felt like an outsider in my Hispanic household. 25 years ago, the Hispanic population was scarce compared to what it is today. However, my mother continued to be proud of her roots, which led me to enjoy exploring outside of my homegrown state. Over the years, I have learned how important it is to each ethnicity group to be able to readily find the products that they are accustomed to locally.”

La Tiendita’s Website

You’ll be able to find those products at La Tiendita, including fresh meats, fresh produce, spices, tortillas, fresh bread, fruit popsicles, rice and beans, cheeses and creams.

We don’t have a specific grand opening date yet, but they’re going to announce it soon.

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