HOTWORX fitness studio to open new location in Madison

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HOTWORX fitness studio will open at The Dempsey in Madison this fall. (HOTWORX)

Residents of one of Madison’s newest apartment communities will find it easier to stay in shape this fall when HOTWORX fitness studio opens at The Dempsey.

Don’t know about HOTWORX? Well here’s some more info:

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Getting fit at HOTWORX

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HOTWORX fitness studio gives members the benefit of working out in an infrared sauna. (HOTWORX)

If you are unfamiliar with HOTWORX, here’s what to know:

  • HOTWORX fitness studio gives members the benefit of working out in an infrared sauna.
  • Workout programs are observed virtually within each sauna where heat penetrates the body causing more sweat.
  • Combined with isometric postures, this process helps to further accelerate detoxification by physically removing the toxins from organs through muscle concentration.
  • The programs are designed to speed up your metabolism, activate the regenerative process, reduce cellulite, improve circulation, and maximize calorie burn.
  • Guests can select from a variety of sessions including Hot Yoga, Hot Barre None, Hot Pilates, Hot Core, Hot Row, Hot Cycle and more.

Owner Derrick Williams will be operating the new franchise location in Madison and looks forward to setting members up with a program that helped him turn his own health around.

“I think it’s important to believe in the program you’re sharing. After three years as a member of HOTWORX, I was able to get off blood pressure medication, lower my blood sugar, and get myself to a healthy weight. The infrared saunas made a difference in my workouts — I saw results.”

Owner Derrick Williams

The Dempsey

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The Dempsey is located on Lime Quarry Road in Madison. (Crunkelton Commercial Real Estate Group)

The Dempsey combines residences with retail and restaurants to create an inviting apartment community in Madison. Located at 375 Lime Quarry Road, the complex offers studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments.

So why was The Dempsey a good spot for this latest HOTWORX fitness studio location?

“There were several places available to me that would have worked for the concept. But none of them fit as well as The Dempsey. It’s so close to the booming Town Madison, Toyota Field and residential communities. Plus, we will be easily accessible to the many residents on site.”

Owner Derrick Williams

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