Pick tulips at the new Hubert Family Farms near Huntsville, opening March 12

Hubert family farms
Tulips, tulips and tulips, oh my!. (Hubert Family Farms’ Facebook)

Nothing brightens up a room like fresh flowers—especially if you picked them yourself. Hubert Family Farms is opening their farm to tulip-pickers just like yourself, and you don’t want to miss their grand opening on March 12th. Keep reading to learn more.

How the Hubert Family Farms started

seth hubert owner
Look at all those tulip bulbs. (Hubert Family Farms’ Facebook)

In 2016, Seth Hubert and his wife, Kaylee, began revitalizing their family farm with only a few hundred acres of row crop—corn, cotton, wheat and soybeans. Although they loved farming these crops, they wanted to do something more for their community.

Influenced by their little girl who loves picking flowers + the beautiful fields of tulips in Washington and Oregon, they set out to grow tulips on their farm as well. To their luck, a tulip farm in Oregon generously offered their wisdom on tulip cultivation.

We’re excited that they’ve managed to bring 380,000+ tulips to life in the Tennessee Valley—WOW.

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Pick your own tulips

tulips oh my
Currently manifesting for spring to come early. (Hubert Family Farms’ Facebook)

Starting March 12, indulge yourself in tulip picking at the Hubert Family Farm’s grand opening. The farm is nestled just outside Huntsville in a quaint little town called New Market. This March, grab a friend and head over to the farm.

Here’s how flower picking works:

  • Step 1: Grab a basket! They’ll be provided for you.
  • Step 2: To pick a flower, grab at soil level and pull the stem straight up.
  • Step 3: Picked enough? Head over to the wrapping station where workers will cut and wrap the flowers.

Although the farm isn’t open currently, you can shop their subscription offering of 3 bouquets of beautiful tulips. They deliver to Huntsville, New Market, Meridianville, Toney and Hazel Green!

Other perks

hubert family farms sunflowers
Here comes the sun! (Hubert Family Farms’ Facebook)

Did we mention there are also sunflowers? The process is similar to tulip picking—you’ll grab a bucket, but instead of pulling, you’ll cut from the bottom of the stem. Once you head over to the wrapping station, check out their merch stand full of hats and tees.

Photography passes are also available. All you have to do is pay admission to the farm. Support local! Check out these 5 North Alabama + Huntsville photographers.

The Huberts want to rekindle an appreciation for farming in the region so that everyone can enjoy the satisfaction of watching the flowers bloom.

Are you excited about this one-of-a-kind flower farm in New Market? Tag us @HvilleBlast to let us know.

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