Huntsville filmmaker to premier new movie at Bridge Street

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Huntsville filmmaker Jurian Isabelle will feature his latest work, Nine Divine at Cinemark Bridge Street in March. (Jurian Isabelle via Facebook)

Roll out the red carpet, because Huntsville filmmaker Jurian Isabelle is premiering his latest movie March 25 at at Cinemark Bridge Street and XD!

The film. Nine Divine, is the latest project for Isabelle, who has already completed three films prior to this release. Here’s more info:

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Nine Divine

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Nine Divine is an emotional film created by Huntsville filmmaker Jurian Isabelle. (Jurian Isabelle via Facebook)

Isabelle — creator of the films God of Dreams; Candy; and Buffalo Soldiers — brings an emotional and thrilling new story to the screen in Nine Divine.

Nine Divine is a tale told through the eyes of an introverted, artistic 15-year-old girl in foster care who finds herself pulled into a mystical quest to find her little brother after he and other children suddenly disappear without a trace. 

The story taps into themes of loss, abandonment, faith, fear, and the struggle to find one’s place in life. In the Huntsville filmmaker’s own words, “Nine is a character that represents the coming-of-age struggle between childhood wonder and creativity and the ‘real world’ responsibilities of adulthood. This movie touches on the things that really matter, including the need for belonging, the value of artistic expression, and the critical need for good role models in kids’ lives.”

“Huntsville’s dynamic arts culture contributed significantly to the making of this film. The local talent and the spirit of community here bring a constant source of inspiration and make me proud to call this place home.”

Huntsville filmmaker Jurian Isabelle

The Huntsville arts community isn’t the only entity that made this project possible. Isabelle’s partnership with MidCity also helped keep the project going.

The Nine Divine project was special to us here at MidCity not only because of its direct link to Huntsville, but because of its focus on the significance of the arts and creativity. We are fully committed to our local arts culture, with so much more to come in the future with what we have planned. Supporting Jurian Isabelle in bringing Nine Divine from a dream to reality fit perfectly into our goal of helping develop the Huntsville region into a world class hub for arts and entertainment.”

MidCity District developer Max Grelier

How to see the film

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Nine Divine is showing at the Cinemark Bridge Street and XD March 25. (Cinemark Bridge Street via Facebook)

The red carpet premiere of Nine Divine, sponsored by MidCity District, will be held on March 25 at 6PM at Cinemark Bridge Street and XD, with a second showing at 8PM.

Tickets for the event can be purchased at Isabelle’s website.

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