Huntsville issues useful trash and Christmas tree disposal tips

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Because of the major weather event earlier this week and the upcoming New Year’s holiday on January 2nd, the City of Huntsville has some helpful tips for residents during the first week of 2023. Read on to learn more.

Expect Delays

As a result of the Christmas and New Year’s holidays plus the weather event, local residents have collected more than a week’s worth of trash. Compound that with additional trash from holiday gift giving and gatherings, and your garbage receptacles are likely overflowing. 

As a result, expect some collection delays next week. There is a lot of stuff to pick up! 

Overflow Forgiveness

For the upcoming week, the City has announced  “overflow forgiveness.” This means they are  waiving its present size restrictions (10 cubic yards) of debris. Holiday wrappings and other such material should be bagged as typical household waste.

According to a City news release, the Department of Public Works will also pick up large boxes as part of the yard waste program. 

The City requests the boxes be broken down; there’s a two-fold reason for that, according to Chris McNeese, director of the Department of Public Works. One, it compacts better for the sanitation trucks and secondly, it avoids a prominent signal to would-be thieves who could learn what big “toys” you got for Christmas.

Christmas trees

The City’s sanitation crews will haul away Christmas trees and other holiday plants as part of its yard waste pickup program. Place your tree and plants curbside and they will be collected.

Don’t Forget Operation Christmas Cleanup

(Huntsville Green Team)

Green Team reminds residents that boxes can be recycled and will be removed during the regular recycling pickups if they are broken down to a manageable size. 

Green Team, City of Madison, Madison County, Solid Waste Disposal Authority and its curbside recycling program, Recycling Alliance of North Alabama, are also participating in Operation Christmas Cleanup. This limited recycling collection event will take place Saturday, Jan. 7, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. at two locations: 

  • John Hunt Park, 2315 Airport Road
  • Madison City Schools Stadium, 211 Celtic Drive

In addition to real Christmas Trees and gift wrapping, the event is also taking batteries and electronics.

For more information about Huntsville-area recycling efforts, go to or visit the City’s Green Team.

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