Huntsville makes presence known at Space Symposium in Colorado

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The Huntsville/Madison County Chamber of Commerce attended the Space Symposium in Colorado Springs last week. (Huntsville/Madison County Chamber of Commerce)

In case anyone in Colorado forgot that Huntsville is still vying for the Space Command headquarters, the Huntsville/Madison County Chamber of Commerce made sure to set up a booth at the Space Symposium last week in Colorado Springs.

This is the second year the Chamber has had a booth at the event. And Huntsville’s presence at the event did not go unnoticed by local media:

Space Symposium in Colorado Springs

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The 38th Annual Space Symposium in Colorado Springs was held last week. (Space Symposium)

The Space Symposium — now in its 38th year — is one of the leading international events for the space industry, attracting thousands of representatives from the military, civil and commercial space sectors all in one location.

So of course it makes sense that Huntsville would have a presence there. And not just because of the recent controversy surrounding the relocation of the Space Command HQ from Colorado Springs to Huntsville.

The Huntsville representatives’ presence at the Space Symposium raised some eyebrows in the local media, as the Colorado Springs Gazette published an article asking why Huntsville would be in attendance.

The article asks, “The Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC and the Metro Denver Economic Development Corp. aren’t big surprises given they represent the host city and its larger northern neighbor, but why is the Huntsville Madison County Chamber from Alabama the only other local chamber with a booth?”

But it makes sense that the Chamber would attend (they attended last year’s as well) since not only is Huntsville a candidate for the Space Command HQ, but the aerospace engineering industry has a strong presence in Huntsville — something perhaps the folks in Colorado did not know.

A successful trip

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Officials with the Huntsville Chamber said their trip to the Space Symposium was successful. (Space Symposium)

The report from the Huntsville/Madison County Chamber of Commerce said that the trip to Colorado Springs for the Symposium was a successful one, saying “Our team met with lots of companies interested in learning more about Huntsville.”

Representatives from Alabama in attendance were:

  • Kayla Brown (Huntsville Chamber)
  • Annie Davis (Huntsville Chamber)
  • Lynn Troy (Huntsville Chamber)
  • Mike Ward (Huntsville Chamber)
  • Lucia Cape (Huntsville Chamber)
  • Mac McCutcheon, Madison County Commission Chairman
  • Madison Mayor Paul Finley
  • Bob Smith (Alabama Department of Commerce)

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