Huntsville’s new Environmental Sustainability Committee needs your input 

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The Environmental Sustainability Committee in Huntsville wants your input on environmental matters. (Nathan Watson / Hville Blast)

We all know that Huntsville is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, and with that growth comes the inevitable concern over the environment and the city’s resources. Well, the City of Huntsville wants your input on the matter.

Mayor Tommy Battle recently asked area leaders with interest and expertise in this area to form a committee and examine contributing factors to long-term environmental sustainability in metro Huntsville. 

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Public Meeting Oct. 11

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The Environmental Sustainability Committee meeting will be at Campus 805 Tuesday. (Campus 805 via Facebook)

As Huntsville continues to grow, City leaders are focused on long-term successful gains for people who live, work and play in the community. This includes a watchful eye on Huntsville’s natural and built environment. 

To gather public input in this process, the Huntsville Environmental Sustainability Committee is calling on residents to attend a public meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 11, at 5PM at Campus No. 805. 

“Environmental challenges directly impact our quality of life. We want to continue promoting sustainable urban development that revitalizes community, keeps our air, water and land clean and provides economic and social benefits for all of our residents.” 

Mayor Tommy Battle

The HESC will have interactive opportunities for public involvement at the meeting, which will be held in the Stone Event Center Cafeteria in Campus 805.

Changes in the environment affect everyone

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Leaders at the Environmental Sustainability Committee want to stress sustainability. (Monte Sano State Park via Facebook)

Marie Bostick, committee chair and executive director of the Land Trust of North Alabama, said the committee’s definition of environmental sustainability is focused on achieving a balance between a healthy environment and a thriving economy for present and future generations. 

“Changes in our environment, whether from planned activities or natural processes, affect everyone. We have experts and industry leaders offering advice and consultation, but we feel it is very important to include the public in this discussion.” 

Marie Bostick, Land Trust of North Alabama

Following input from the meeting, HESC will also launch an online survey to gather more insights from Huntsville residents. The survey will be posted on their web page at

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