Indulge in sustainable luxury right now with these 5 Lemon & Lavender products

Lemon & Lavender store
Brandy Booth is one half of the team behind Lemon & Lavender, a natural kitchen, bath and home store in Madison. (Emily Phillips / Hville Blast)

Inside the yellow house at 16 Main Street in Madison you’ll find Lemon & Lavender, a luxury home, kitchen and bath store where sustainability and eco-friendly sourcing is the priority.

Read on to learn about the shop and five products that you should try for a little more luxury in your daily life.

Lemon & Lavender’s story

Brandy Booth and Shannon Fisher opened their store, Lemon & Lavender, a little over a year ago in February 2021. Their goal? To make a luxurious lifestyle sustainable and eco-friendly.

They do this by sourcing their products with care.

“We strive to not only bring products in locally, but then also to source them all over the world from other small businesses that are either growing the ingredients or are able to locally source them.”

Brandy Booth, Co-owner, Lemon & Lavender

Booth and Fisher bonded over their shared entrepreneurial spirit. That passion for small business is evident in the way they source products for Lemon & Lavender. Inside the shop, you’ll find unique, carefully curated products with an emphasis on local sourcing. The shop’s message? Being eco-friendly doesn’t have to be difficult.

“It is possible to be sustainable and still pamper yourself with good products.”

Brandy Booth

Lemon & Lavender is located at 16 Main Street, Madison, AL 35758.

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1. Shower steamers

shower steamers
Make your daily shower a more relaxing experience. (Emily Phillips / Hville Blast)

You’ve probably used a bath bomb, but have you tried shower steamers? This product makes every shower luxurious. Simply wet the steamer, then let it sit on a shelf while you shower for an everyday aromatherapy experience. Shower steamers last 4-5 showers and come in four scents:

  • eucalyptus
  • lavender
  • lemongrass
  • mint

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2. Signature candle

Lemon & Lavender candle
I might have to go back for one of these. (Emily Phillips / Hville Blast)

The Lemon & Lavender signature candle was inspired by the shop’s customers, who regularly commented on the lovely, fresh scent of the store. That inspired Booth and Fisher to create a scent that customers could take home. The candle is a combination of the four shower steamer scents, culminating in a refreshing yet relaxing aroma.

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3. Organic Kona coffee

Lemon & Lavender coffee
Great as a gift. (Emily Phillips / Hville Blast)

Booth said that Hala Tree is one of the only organic Kona coffee plantations in Hawaii. That’s why they chose to support this brand, which is one of the shop’s best-selling products. Three varieties are available:

  • Black & Tan: “savory, sweet, cola, black currant, molasses, honey, rye, nutty heavy body, lingering after taste”
  • Dark roast: “toasted nuts, tobacco, molasses, burnt marshmallow; silky, creamy full body”
  • Medium roast: “black tea, red fruits, black currant, light molasses, cream; lingering after taste and a creamy silky texture”

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4. European soap

Lemon & Lavender soap
French luxury right here in Madison. (Emily Phillips / Hville Blast)

Pre de Provence soaps are sourced directly from the Provence region in the South of France. Lemon & Lavender carries six varieties:

  • honey almond
  • lavender
  • milk
  • patchouli
  • sandalwood
  • sea salt

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5. Artisan boards

Lemon & Lavender cutting boards
A cutting board, or a piece of art? (Emily Phillips / Hville Blast)

Another Lemon & Lavender best seller? One-of-a-kind wooden boards by local artisan Wesley Canerday. Canerday’s work includes everything from cutting boards to coasters, all handmade in North Alabama.

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Booth said to keep an eye on Lemon & Lavender’s social media for a big shop announcement coming soon.

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