Local civic leaders respond to new Space Command HQ investigation

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Mayor Tommy Battle was among the civic leaders who issued a statement regarding the Space Command HQ decision. (Michael Seale/Hville Blast)

The House Committee on Armed Services recently announced it is investigating questionable delays in affirming the site selection for U.S. Space Command headquarters, as Huntsville awaits the decision on whether or not the HQ will relocate here.

This week, Mayor Tommy Battle, Madison County Commission Chair Mac McCutcheon, and Madison Mayor Paul Finley issued a joint statement regarding this delay.

‘Changing the rules’

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Civic leaders say Huntsville-Redstone met the objective criteria for the Space Command HQ to move here. (Hville Blast)

This time last year, it looked like the Space Command HQ was definitely relocating from Colorado Springs to Huntsville. But all of that changed a few months ago when Pres. Joe Biden indicated that he would likely not approve the move. This prompted swift reaction from Alabama politicians.

Now, as the issue still lingers, the joint statement signed by these three civic leaders is as follows:

“As one of the nation’s leading military communities, we are gravely concerned about revelations regarding the post-site selection process for U.S. Space Command (SPACECOM) headquarters, as outlined in an investigation announced by the House Committee on Armed Services. 

“Conversations between Alabama’s bipartisan congressional delegation and the Secretary of the U.S. Air Force further illuminate a shadowy attempt to undermine an objective process that identified Huntsville-Redstone as the best location for SPACECOM headquarters.  

“Changing the rules in this critical decision-making process, seemingly day to day without any civilian oversight, shakes the foundational pillars of trust between the American public and the Department of Defense (DOD). A blatant attempt to skew independent findings and use highly questionable tactics to award SPACECOM headquarters to a 5th place nominee should be an affront to the DOD and U.S. Air Force. It is not in the best interest of our military, the safety and security of our warfighter, our country, and our allies. It breaks our trust in everything we know to be right and true.  

“Huntsville-Redstone met the objective criteria related to the needs of our national defense following an exhaustive multi-year selection process. We were chosen because we could best provide for the mission’s vital, long-term strategic interests. To have this process dishonored, dismissed, and invalidated is highly alarming.  

“The promise of SPACECOM has sadly been politicized and highjacked by unseen individuals who would seemingly and selfishly rather jeopardize national security than do the right thing. Now, the integrity of the DOD and future success of this mission is at stake. A swift, thorough, and transparent investigation will help to restore credibility in SPACECOM and our military partners. We commend the House Committee on Armed Services for beginning this effort.

“The City of Huntsville, City of Madison, and Madison County stand ready to step up and support our chosen role in providing the critical infrastructure and needs for SPACECOM headquarters.”

Mayor Tommy Battle, of Huntsville, Madison County Comissioner Mac McCutcheon, Mayor Paul Finley of Madison

Playing the waiting game

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Huntsville is still waiting on a final decision on the Space Command HQ. (U.S. Space Command)

Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Ala.) on Thursday sent a letter to Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall and Spacecom Commander Gen. James Dickinson expressing concern about apparent “changes” to the planned relocation of the Space Command HQ to Huntsville.

“These apparently sweeping unilateral changes to policies and posture seem to have been made with zero civilian oversight at the Department of Defense.”

Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Ala.)

As we reported last summer, the relocation of the Space Command headquarters to Huntsville was basically a “done deal,” so to speak after an extended investigation into Trump’s decision-making process to move the operations of Space Command.

Since then, more politics and partisanship has come into play that has further delayed the relocation process, and Pres. Joe Biden said in March that he has been advised not to approve the relocation of the Space Command HQ to Huntsville.

So Huntsville is forced to keep waiting.

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