A love letter to Huntsville’s Big Spring Park

big spring park
A great spot to have your lunch break or take a walk with friends. (Curtis Venetta / Hville Blast)

In the heart of Downtown Huntsville lies the lush, 12.5-acre Big Spring Park. Home to wide fields for picnics, tall shady trees and a lively spring, the park is a beloved landmark in the Rocket City. You’ll also find varying wildlife such as ducks, geese and koi along Spring Park Lake.

Read on to learn more about Huntsville’s most popular park and what our Facebook followers love about it.

What can I find at Big Spring Park?

The 1.5-mile loop is a perfect walking or jogging route with plenty of sights to see along the way. On the west side of Big Spring Park, you’ll find the marvelous Huntsville Museum of Art, which holds rotating exhibits like the current American Studio Glass and Pablo Picasso prints exhibits.

Before you cross Church Street to the east side of Big Spring Park, check out The Cozy Cow, which has a beautiful patio where you can enjoy a smoothie or coffee of your choice. On the east side of the park, you’ll find the titular Big Spring — walk up the Indian Creek Canal and you’ll come across the award-winning restaurant, Domaine South.

Big Spring Park is also a hotspot for events — from free fitness classes and glow-up dance parties to outdoor concerts, the park has it all. We can look forward to even more room for fun in the coming year, as an expansion to Big Spring Park is part of the city’s new $300 million budget.

A brief history of the park

the big spring history
A rich history for a beautiful landscape. (Hville Blast)

The spring was discovered by Revolutionary War veteran John Hunt, who initially declared the area “Hunt’s Spring” back in 1805. Hunt built the community’s first cabin on top of the spring’s bluff and, nearly 100 years later, Big Spring became a part of the larger Big Spring Park. Indian Creek Canal, the first canal in the state of Alabama, connects the spring to the Tennessee River.

Lead by Hiram Chittenden (who was involved in the development of Yellowstone National Park), the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers renovated the site of the spring. With time, the area became what Huntsvillians know to be Big Spring Park today.

What does Huntsville love about Big Spring Park?

We asked our Facebook followers what they love about the park. Here’s what they said:

“Love the red bridge, ducks and fish! We take our grandkids there every time they visit and they love it!”

Carolyn Estridge Wilson, from Facebook

“The water, the fish, and the arts center stage for concerts. It’s just a fun park to walk around and listen to live music. I love every part of Big Spring park. Don’t forget the ducks.”

Nathan Riethmaier, from Facebook

“I love that it’s a focal point of downtown. I love the events: concerts, movies, food trucks and I especially love the Tinsel Trail. It’s a beautiful green space/walking area and I feel grateful to be able to enjoy it.”

Jeanette Sellers Bingel, from Facebook

Getting to the park

passport app
Save your license plate number and method of purchase for easy parking. (McCarley Northway / Hville Blast)

For easy access to parking in Downtown Huntsville near Big Spring Park, be sure to download the Passport app. Once you’ve signed up, simply tap “New Session,” enter your zone number, enter your license plate number then select how long you’d like to park.

My favorite part about using the app is that it saves zone numbers you’ve previously parked in and your license plate number once you’ve entered it, so you don’t have to stand around trying to figure out a parking meter for several minutes.

What is your favorite thing about Big Spring Park? Share your favorite photos and let us know @hvilleblast.

Where: 420 Church St NW, Huntsville, AL 35801

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