Mocktails for Mommy selected as member of the Target Forward Founders cohort

mocktails for mommy
This is a special opportunity for Ashley Hunt-Poole’s small business. (Submitted by Ashley Hunt-Poole)

The fifth cohort of the Target Forward Founders program has been announced, and Mocktails for Mommy is one of 30 brands selected to participate in the annual experience. Created by the Target Accelerators team, this program will equip the selected brands with the resources they need to make their brand successful in a retail space.

What is the Target Forward Founders program?

The Target Forward Founders is designed to help historically under-resourced business owners gain the education and resources they need. It is a 10-week-long course and is an excellent opportunity for the selected small businesses.

Other chosen brands in the Food and Beverage category include:

Mocktails for anyone + everyone

Products from Mocktails for Mommy
So many awesome flavors. (Village Fox Media / Hville Blast)

Mocktails for Mommy is Alabama’s only mocktail brand that is 100% Black female owned. Keep up with Ashley and her small business at the links below.

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