New kayak expansion coming to Apollo Park

A kayak course is part of an expansion to Apollo Park in MidCity. (MidCity District)

MidCity’s Apollo Park is getting yet another attraction — as if the Orion Amphitheater was not enough of a reason to head that way — as the city announced that construction will soon begin on a kayak course that will be added to the park.

The 40-acre park is located adjacent to Top Golf and the Orion Amphitheater, in an area where the Madison Square Mall once stood. The pond — built in 2017 — will now include the new kayaking course.

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Kayaking at Apollo Park

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This rendering of the MidCity project shows the lake built in 2017 that will include the kayak expansion. (RCP)

We already know that Apollo Park includes the world-class Orion Amphitheater, but the 40-acre municipal park is bordered by a Top Golf driving range and High Point climbing and fitness facility to the north and then the Orion Amphitheater to the south, all integrated via a functional lake system, where the kayak course will be built.

The Venue Group has worked with the City of Huntsville since 2018 to bring the project to life. According to an report, Garver Engineers is working on this park expansion with the city, which will include:

  • A kayak school along the course.
  • An expansion that will be “more than double the size of the existing pond.”
  • 30-foot flumes for the kayak course.
  • A pump station to circulate the water for the streams.
  • A river rock boat launch installed in the upper pool.
  • An area for hammocks.

Even more fun at Apollo Park

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Apollo Park already includes a pretty awesome picnic and food truck area. (tvg)

In addition to what is already available for fun at Apollo Park, the kayak launch and expansion includes some more sources of activity coming your way.

In addition to the kayak course, some other additions coming to Apollo Park with this phase include:

  • A 12-ft. mural wall with LED lighting
  • A fitness court with commissioned artwork
  • A playground
  • Plenty of open space
  • Walking paths

Apollo Park is just the latest “kayaking news” to come to Huntsville recently, as Ditto Landing in Huntsville is about to be the new home of Kayak Bass Fishing (KBF), as we reported in September.

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