Orbital Assembly Corporation relocating from California to Huntsville—everything you need to know

Take a spin in low orbit. (Orbital Assembly Corporation / Facebook)

It’s time to give a big Rocket City welcome to Huntsville’s newest space startup: Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC) has announced they’re relocating their headquarters from Rocklin, California to Huntsville. OAC is working to develop a “Gravity Ring” that will revolutionize space travel. Read on to find out how.

The Gravity Ring

Talk about a room with a view. (Orbital Assembly Corporation / Facebook)

OAC’s primary project is the Gravity Ring, a technological development that will enable them to create business parks, hotels and more in space. The big issue with using these facilities is that there’s no gravity in orbit.

That’s where OAC steps in. The Gravity Ring produces artificial gravity, allowing up to 90 minutes of work to be done at a time. The low orbit facility is expected to be operational as early as next year, and it’s the first of its kind when it comes to gravity simulation.

Other OAC projects include:

  • Pioneer-class stations: Habitable platforms capable of providing artificial gravity, with accommodations for up to 56 crew members
  • Voyager-class stations: Large, rotating stations providing varying levels of artificial gravity; OAC’s flagship project
  • Voyager propellant depots: Refueling station with solar power designed to make space travel more convenient
  • Construction tools like the DSTAR (Demonstrator Station Truss Assembly Robot) and STAR (Station Truss Assembly Robot)

Strategic location

See things from a new perspective as soon as next year. (Orbital Assembly Corporation / Facebook)

OAC’s relocation is also strategic, as several of their industry partners have a strong Huntsville presence. These include:

  • United Launch Alliance
  • Sierra Space
  • Boeing
  • Aerojet Rocketdyne

Huntsville also gives OAC access to tech and hardware necessary for testing large-scale concepts like the Gravity Ring.

The new headquarters will be at 4001 Market Street, Huntsville, AL 35808. The building is in the Redstone Gateway development, the new office park outside Gate 9 of Redstone Arsenal.

While the whole team has not moved yet, several executives have already relocated to Huntsville. We look forward to welcoming the rest of the OAC team to the city—and we’ve got recommendations for all the best food and fun that Huntsville has to offer once they arrive.

Let’s give Orbital Assembly Corporation a warm Rocket City welcome. Also, don’t forget to sign up for the Hville Blast newsletter so you don’t miss out on any Huntsville startup news.

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