“Originally Huntsville” is a new music series coming to Stovehouse

electric belle
Huntsville is going to be center-stage. (The Electric Belle / Facebook)

There’s a new concert series coming to town—and from this town.

“Originally Huntsville” is taking over the Electric Belle at Stovehouse the second Thursday of each month, starting this month. Here’s why it’s so, well, original!

It’s 100% local

electric belle
No room for covers here! (The Electric Belle / Facebook)

“Originally Huntsville” will be hosted by Stovehouse and The Hendley Group, and will bring local artists and local music to the forefront. On the second Thursday of each month, there will be a concert in the Electric Belle that features local artists—and local artists only.

Each concert will feature three musical acts from this region, each one with over 30 years of experience in the industry. To make sure it’s 100% local, there will also be no cover performances whatsoever.

The first one will be on January 12 and will feature The Crash, Little and the Giants and The Dawn Osborne Band.

It’s for a good cause

huntsville hospital
The proceeds are going directly here. (Michael Seale / Hville Blast)

Not only will the shows be all about local sounds, they’ll also be supporting a local cause.

The proceeds of the concerts will go toward the need for hearing devices for children at the Pediatric Audiology Department at Women and Children of Huntsville Hospital.

So, who’s ready to hear some Huntsville sounds at a Huntsville spot to support a Huntsville cause? That’s Originally Huntsville.

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