Rocket Chef is back—tickets on sale today

rocket chef
Just like on TV. (Rocket Chef / Facebook)

Based on the most popular television cooking competitions, Rocket Chef is an intense culinary battle that brings together local chefs and the community to raise funds for an important non profit.

This event usually sells out, so you’ll want to get your tickets (on sale starting today!) before they’re gone. Here’s why.

Rocket Chef is a fun event that raises money for charity

rocket chef
Step away from your stations. (Rocket Chef / Facebook)

Merrimack Hall Performing Arts Center is a Huntsville nonprofit founded in 2006 by Debra and Alan Jenkins. The organization provides arts education and experiences to those with special needs in an inclusive environment.

Rocket Chef is one of Merrimack Hall’s biggest fundraising events, as all proceeds from tickets and sponsorships go to support their mission.

Rocket Chef started out as a project in one of Leadership Greater Huntsville’s Connect classes, and now it’s one of Merrimack Hall’s biggest fundraising events.

The first Rocket Chef was in 2014, and in the past couple of years, they’ve been on a hiatus. But, this year, they’re back.

The competition is just like the ones you see on TV—except in real life. There will be the pressure of time, mystery ingredients, a panel of judges and a live audience of almost 300 people.

Before the competition starts, attendees will be able to sample food from the restaurants represented by each chef. Speaking of, let’s meet them.

This year’s chefs are from some of the best eateries around

poppy & parliament chef kristen
Chef Kristen is one of the four contestants in Rocket Chef this year. (The Poppy & Parliament / Facebook)

This year’s contestants in Rocket Chef hail from several popular eateries around Huntsville.

  • Chef Kristen Caroselli: The chef and general manager at Poppy & Parliament, who you can read more about here
  • Chef Dustin Foxworth: The chef at Phat Sammy’s, who is always cooking up something fun and creative
  • Chef Andy Howery: The chef at The Bottle, whose upscale cuisine is one of the most well-known in Huntsville
  • Chef Albert Toh: The chef at New South Hot Dog and Sushi, a food truck that serves creative fusion cuisine

You’ll be able to try these chef’s creations at the tasting reception before the competition, and you can support your favorite chef here.

Get your tickets

rocket chef
The suspense is killing us. (Rocket Chef / Facebook)

Ready for good food and good times? Here’s the details on this year’s Rocket Chef.

Who do think will be the Rocket Chef 2023 Champion?

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