Ruchi Indian restaurant closing, but new Indian restaurant coming soon

Ruchi’s flavorful dishes will be missed. (Ruchi / Facebook)

Ruchi, an Indian restaurant in South Huntsville, has just closed. But, there’s a new Indian restaurant headed Huntsville’s way—The Curry.

Ruchi’s five years in Huntsville

ruchi closed
Ruchi’s website has shut down. (Ruchi /

Ruchi opened in 2017 on Whitesburg Drive in Huntsville and later moved nearby to Memorial Parkway.

A go-to spot for Indian food in Huntsville, Ruchi served up traditional favorites such as biryani, curry, korma, naan and much more. We’ll certainly miss the flavorful dishes and vibrant atmosphere of Ruchi.

Details have yet to be released about why Ruchi has closed its doors. But, while we wait for the full story, there’s a new Indian restaurant to get excited about.

A new spot for Indian food

the curry
We can’t wait to try The Curry. (The Curry / Facebook)

Huntsville’s getting a new Indian restaurant soon—The Curry. Located in Five Points, The Curry will be cooking up “Modern Indian” cuisine.

They’ll be serving Indian dishes such as:

  • Tandoor
  • Dosas
  • Lassi
  • Kulfi
  • Naan
  • Biryani

And, of course, lots of curry. Their menu is also set to include lunch bowls and milkshakes!

We can’t wait to try out all of The Curry’s dishes. While they haven’t released an opening date yet, they are set to open soon—keep an eye on our site for updates.

The Curry will be located in Five Points where the old Mario’s used to be.

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