Ruchi is coming back to Huntsville in a new location

These flavorful dishes are making a comeback. (Ruchi / Facebook)

When Ruchi closed last year, we weren’t sure whether or not we would ever get to enjoy their flavorful dishes again.

We’re ecstatic that they will once again be serving up authentic Indian cuisine in Huntsville—and soon. Here’s the details.

When and where they’re opening

Main Street south
The new home of Ruchi is not far from their old location. (Crunkleton Commercial Real Estate Group)

Ruchi’s beloved Indian dishes, including biryani, curry, korma, naan and much more, found their home in two different locations over five years—from 2017 to 2022.

Now, it’s getting a new home in 2023.

Main Street South in Huntsville is about to get a bit more vibrant with the addition of Ruchi.

They’re expecting to open in April 2023, so we don’t have to wait too much longer to experience their authentic atmosphere and food in Huntsville once again.

Where you can get Indian food in the meantime

While we wait for Ruchi to reopen at their new location, Huntsville has some other delicious options for lovers of Indian food (like me).

The Curry is the newest option, which opened last year in Five Points. Its authentic cuisine is a must-try (speaking from personal experience). Sitar Indian Cuisine is another long-time local favorite where you can find flavorful Indian cuisine.

Until we can visit their new location, here’s where you can find Ruchi online.

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