Slutty Vegan is coming to Huntsville—here’s what we know

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This is one meal you don’t want to miss. (Sharron Swaim / Bham Now)

The renowned vegan burger joint, Slutty Vegan, is making its way toward North Alabama—and they’re stopping in Huntsville. Here’s what you need to know about the special day.

Huntsville’s a stop on their Gettin’ Slutty Tour

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Looks like a regular burger, tastes like a regular burger, but it’s vegan. (Sharron Swain / Bham Now)

Slutty Vegan, founded by Pinky Cole and based in Atlanta, has multiple physical locations in both Georgia and Alabama. But, they’re also on the move.

Their eye-catching yellow-and-red food truck serves up the same unique, juicy vegan burgers that you can find in Atlanta and Birmingham. And that food truck is on the move.

Their Gettin’ Slutty Tour has already made several stops in Georgia, and they’re heading to Alabama next week.

On Tuesday, January 31, they’ll be in Huntsville. We’re not sure exactly where they’ll be parking, but we know that wherever they do, there will be a crowd.

What to expect

slutty vegan
It’s time to roll into Huntsville. (SluttyVeganATL / Facebook)

The Slutty Vegan food truck (called the Big ‘OlSlut) will be in Huntsville for just one day, so you’ll want to mark you calendar if you’re hoping to score one of their famous burgers.

If their stop in Huntsville is like their other stops, they’ll announce the location and hours closer to the time of their arrival. They’ll have a few different burger options (all delicious), and there will be a 2 burger maximum per person with no modifications.

Here’s where you can keep up with The Slutty Vegan online (in preparation for next Tuesday, especially!).

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