Extreme cold is coming + maybe snow—what you need to know

It’s about to get really cold. (Sarah Gronberg / Hville Blast)

So far, we’ve had a mild winter with some impressively high temperatures. But, that’s about to change—and change fast.

Here’s what you need to know about the chilly weather coming to Huntsville tonight (including possible snow!) and staying through the holiday weekend.

What’s expected right now

The wind chills will be the most noticeable aspect of this weather event. (National Weather Service Huntsville Alabama)

Before we touch on snow, let’s talk about the wind chills heading into tonight.

Here in Huntsville, the cold front is expected to come in around 9 or 10PM, bringing some intense wind chills with it. We’re expecting to see -10 to -20 degree wind chills tonight, and similar ones Friday night.

The temperature drop will be very noticeable as well. With temperatures during the day today around 50 to 53 degrees, the plunge into the teens will be fairly sudden.

“It’ll be nearly a 50 degree drop in nine or ten hours. We haven’t had a front like this in a long time.”

Andy Kula, US National Weather Service Huntsville Alabama

The wind chill warning will go into effect at midnight tonight and remain until Saturday at noon.

But what about snow?

The snow forecast

snow 2
Maybe not this much snow. (Sarah Gronberg / Hville Blast)

While the temperatures drop, it’s looking like some snow will too.

“We’re going to see a little bit bit of snow, maybe a dusting or half inch. Then, it’ll clear out by tomorrow.”

Andy Kula, US National Weather Service Huntsville Alabama

After the snow, the sun is expected to come out tomorrow. But, that doesn’t mean warm temperatures. It will still be chilly, with highs in the teens. Tomorrow night, the temperature will drop back down into the single digits with wind chills remaining below 0 degrees.

“Temperatures are not going to get above 32 degrees until Sunday. We haven’t had that kind of a cold wave in a while.”

Andy Kula, US National Weather Service Huntsville Alabama

It’s looking like we’re finally going to see winter tonight in the Rocket City.

How to prepare yourself and your pets

Sarah's dog
My doggie will be staying inside! (Sarah Gronberg / Hville Blast)

The possibility of snow can be exciting for us Huntsvillians, but be sure to prepare yourself, your home and your pets for the wind chills that come with it.

Find warming shelters in Huntsville here, and stay safe with these tips from the National Weather Service.

  • Dress warmly with layers limiting skin exposure and limit time outside.
  • Keep your gas tank over half full and notify family if you are traveling.
  • Limit pets’ time outside and bring outdoor animals inside.
  • Cover and check pets’ paws when outside.
  • Slow drip faucets, use caution with indoor heaters and check heating vents for ice buildup.

You’ll also want to cover outdoor faucets and wrap any exposed pipes to lower your chance of pipes bursting. 

Stay safe and warm, Huntsville.

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