This North Alabama woman is getting her nursing degree in less than 2 years—here’s how you can too 


jasmine johnson accelerated bsn
Jasmine Johnson is chasing her dream of becoming a nurse—10 years after she originally enrolled in college. (UNA)

Jasmine Johnson always wanted to be a nurse. In 2021, she decided it was time to follow her dream of becoming a nurse by enrolling in the University of North Alabama’s Accelerated Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN) program. Keep reading for all the details.

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Meet Jasmine Johnson

jasmine johnson bsn
From social worker to nurse in just under 2 years. (UNA)

Though nursing has been her dream for as long as she can remember, Jasmine’s first bachelor’s degree is in criminal justice. She graduated in 2016 and soon took a role as a social worker with Child Protective Services, first in South Carolina and then in Georgia. 

But, Jasmine still knew she wanted to be a nurse. That’s what led her to move back to Athens, AL, and pursue her BSN with UNA. 

Here are 3 reasons why UNA’s Accelerated BSN was a perfect fit for Jasmine: 

1. Professors who care

una bsn
The home of the Anderson College of Nursing and Health Professions. (UNA)

Part of what kept Jasmine from pursuing her BSN immediately out of high school was anxiety about the potential difficulty of the program. While a BSN is a rigorous degree, Jasmine quickly found that her professors at UNA were dedicated to helping her succeed. 

“They don’t make you seem like you’re in it alone—they’re willing to answer any question that you may have.”

Jasmine Johnson, UNA Accelerated BSN student 
University of North Alabama - Reputable

2. Flexibility for pros

una accelerated bsn
The program’s hybrid approach is a perfect fit for professionals. (UNA)

UNA’s low-residency program meant that Jasmine wouldn’t have to completely upend her life to complete the coursework—she’d just have to bulk up her time management skills. 

Students entering the next cohort of UNA’s Accelerated BSN will take online courses with in-person clinicals, making the program a perfect fit for individuals who are already in the workforce. 

Plus, the Accelerated BSN is only four semesters long, meaning that you can be finished in as few as 15 months. 

3. Quality education, less time

20220828 JJohnson SGT 0024
Jasmine’s approach was inspirational. (UNA)

At 28 years old and with one bachelor’s degree under her belt, Jasmine wasn’t interested in a program that would require her to retake her first couple years of undergrad. 

That’s another reason that UNA’s Accelerated BSN was appealing—She’d be able to jump straight into upper-level nursing education. 

Requirements for prospective Accelerated BSN students include: 

  • A bachelor’s degree in anything (except nursing)
  • Admission to UNA + an application to the Anderson College of Nursing and Health Professions
  • Availability to participate in clinical rotations
  • At least a 3.0 GPA in the student’s previous degree/coursework

And, Jasmine’s advice for prospective students? 

“Don’t let fear stop you from pursuing a dream of yours.”

Jasmine Johnson, UNA Accelerated BSN student
University of North Alabama - Reputable

Nuts + bolts

If nursing is your dream, too, UNA is a perfect place to make that dream come true. Here are the other details you need to know about the program: 

  • Cost: At $340 per credit hour, the program is competitively priced. Accelerated BSN students are also eligible to get their first course free through UNA’s New Start Scholarship.
  • Quality: All UNA’s nursing programs are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.
  • Flexibility: The low-residency program allows students to take coursework online while attending clinicals in-person. 

Apply now to start next year—the Accelerated BSN hybrid track launches in May 2023. 

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