Another unique local coffee spot is closing in Madison

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A local coffee spot is closing, as Rocket Rooster’s Coffee N’ Go in Madison made the announcement this week. (Rooster’s Crow Coffee Roastery)

We hate to see businesses close up shop, but unfortunately a local coffee spot is closing. Huntsville-based Rooster’s Crow Coffee Roastery announced this week they are closing their Madison drive-thru location, Rocket Rooster Coffee ‘N Go.

Their Huntsville location at 8402 Whitesburg Drive will remain open. This news comes on the heels of Offbeat Coffee Studio closing both its Campus 805 location and its Rideout Road location last week.

Rooster’s Crow drive-thru location in Madison closing

The Huntsville coffee shop opened its Madison drive-thru location at 3324 Wall Triana Hwy a little more than a year ago, but staffing issues forced the closure of the drive-thru location this week.

“We are sad to announce that our Madison drive thru location is permanently closed due to staffing issues. We are so thankful for the support from our Madison customers and can’t wait to see you at our main Huntsville location!”

Rooster’s Crow Coffee Roastery via Instagram

The main location in Huntsville is still going strong and serving up custom roasts that fit any coffee drinker’s palate. Find out more about what Rooster’s Crow has to offer on the roaster’s website.

A rough summer for locally owned coffee shops + breweries

offbeat coffee
Hearing that a local coffee spot is closing is disappointing, especially the news of Offbeat Coffee closing this month. (Sarah Gronberg/Hville Blast)

Offbeat Coffee Studio is closing both its Campus 805 location and its Rideout Road location August 21. This was also sad news for local coffee lovers, and also came in the same approximate time frame as the closing announcements of three local breweries — Fractal Brewing Project, Salty Nut Brewery and Bowler’s Hat Brewing.

The COVID-19 pandemic certainly did not help the bar and restaurant industry at all, and that was cited by Fractal as one of the reasons for its closing. But the service industry has had issues with staffing nationwide, which also remains a culprit (as was the case here with Rocket Rooster’s Coffee N’ Go).

We can only hope that the coffee shops and breweries here in the Rocket City remain strong and keep growing. We need them here!

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