She’s on the way to reaching her CPA dream via one unique graduate program [VIDEO]


Rachel Pierce una macc
Rachel doesn’t have to wait until graduation to start her CPA journey. (Ben Johnson / Hville Blast)

Considering a career in accounting? You’re in luck, then, because the University of North Alabama (UNA) offers a world-class Master of Accountancy (MAcc) with flexible, affordable online options for full-time working professionals. 

Read on to find out how Rachel Pierce, a current student, is taking steps toward her dream career.

Meet Rachel Pierce

Rachel is a native of Hazel Green, Alabama, who started the MAcc program last summer. She attended UNA as an undergraduate and was involved in student government, the Cole Honors College and Beta Alpha Psi, the accounting honor society. 

After completing her undergraduate degree in accounting at UNA, the decision to apply to UNA’s MAcc program was a no-brainer, as Rachel’s long-term career goal is to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). 

Here are a few of the reasons UNA was a perfect fit for Rachel. 

1. Flexible class options

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With flexible class options, Rachel can work from anywhere. (Ben Johnson / Hville Blast)

UNA’s MAcc is designed for professionals, so classes are offered both in-person and online. 

Rachel is primarily an on-campus student, but she also works full-time and is involved in campus organizations like the College of Business and Technology Ambassadors. Flexible class options mean that she is able to meet all her commitments and get her degree along the way by taking some of her courses online on her own time. 

2. Professional exam prep

Rachel pierce una macc
Find out how a MAcc from UNA is helping Rachel Pierce achieve her career goals. (Ben Johnson / Hville Blast)

A CPA is particularly important to an individual because a CPA can provide advanced taxation services along with financial planning services. CPAs also

  • Have attestation powers
  • Can perform auditing functions
  • Can represent you in front of the IRS if you are audited

CPAs are bound to the professional standards of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, which means that their clients can expect a high degree of integrity and professionalism, as well as accounting acumen. 

Rachel is receiving instruction through UNA’s MAcc program that will directly prepare her for the CPA exam and will be able to begin taking portions of the exam while she’s still in school. 

“I am hoping to have completed my CPA exam or be almost done by the time I graduate with my MAcc. I know that I would like to pursue a career in the field of accounting but I am not positive about the specifics. This degree will allow me to be prepared for a career and allow me to stand out with the CPA certification.”

Rachel Pierce, UNA MAcc student

3. Supportive, experienced faculty

Rachel Pierce UNA macc
Where could a MAcc from UNA take you? (Ben Johnson / Hville Blast)

A common thread that seems to tie all UNA students together, whether online or on-campus, is their admiration for the highly qualified faculty that leads each program. 

In fact, Rachel suggests that incoming and prospective students take the opportunity to build a relationship with their professors as soon as possible. 

“I would advise someone to take the opportunity to get to know the faculty. The accounting faculty cares deeply about the students and all of the professors provide wonderful insight.”

Rachel Pierce, UNA MAcc student

BONUS: Competitive Scholarships for UNA alumni

UNA offers all UNA alumni a scholarship that covers 15% of their tuition both online and on campus. This scholarship is applicable to graduate programs. 

Nuts + bolts

rachel pierce una macc
Don’t wait—apply now. (Ben Johnson / Hville Blast)
  • Cost: The online MAcc/MBA is competitively priced at $525/credit hour with no out-of-state tuition for online students. The first course is free and there is no application fee for newly enrolled students. 
  • Quality: The COBT is accredited by the AACSB, the premier accreditation for business schools worldwide. 
  • Flexibility: Both online and in-person options are available for UNA’s MAcc program. There are five start dates throughout the year.

Want to get a world-class accounting education without leaving North Alabama? Apply now.

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