We found some of the best decorated houses for Halloween

decorated houses halloween
Who knew inflatables could look this cute? Check these out on Clinton Ave. (McCarley Northway / Hville Blast)

Here at Hville Blast, we take Halloween incredibly seriously. From our trunk-or-treat guides, to our haunted Huntsville stories, we’re true lovers of spooky season.

We drove around the Old Town Historic District in Huntsville and found some unique and creative Halloween decorations. Be sure to send us pictures of your haunting home displays so we can find the best decorations around–just email hello@hvilleblast.com.

Unleash the skeleton army

decorated, halloween, skeletons
Skeletons must be a popular choice for Halloween this year because we’ve seen them everywhere. (McCarley Northway / Hville Blast)

Don’t let the image fool you, these skeletons are huge! If you’ve ever wanted to see a 12-foot skeleton in real life, just take a drive down Clinton Ave.

Going skinny dipping

halloween, skeletons
Someone forgot their trunks. (McCarley Northway / Hville Blast)

It’s a good thing this skeleton is already dead–jumping into that kiddy pool would hurt! He’s just showing off for his lady, who’s got a rubber ducky at the ready. For what exactly? We couldn’t tell you.

Friendly ghouls

These fellows are all treats and no tricks. (McCarley Northway / Hville Blast)

We love that these friendly ghouls are wishing us a Happy Halloween. Check out these cuties on Clinton Ave.

Devilishly decorated

halloween houses decorated
We don’t know what this is. (McCarley Northway / Hville Blast)

If you’re driving down SE California St., you’re sure to have seen this menacing creature at the Eustis St. SE intersection. Thought it looks like some kind of man-bat hybrid, we’re not exactly sure what it is. It did give us a good scare, though.

Jumbo spooky spider

spider, halloween decorated
This is no istty-bitsy spider. (McCarley Northway / Hville Blast)

Nightmare on Greene St. is all thanks to this spooky jumbo spider. He’s got eight legs, and he means business.

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